PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer

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Aug 17th, 2023


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Football fans who grew up playing Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer on their PS2 or PS3 will be delighted to know that their favorite game is back. The latest chapter in this iconic football franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS3, presents a familiar face, reminiscent of PES 16, while offering squad updates.

Gameplay Mechanics

Konami has made a few minor tweaks to the gameplay mechanics of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS3, but they primarily reflect the iteration seen in its predecessor. The game controls are simple and intuitive. Players can pass the ball, shoot, tackle, and cross the ball easily. The game also features a balanced AI system, where you’ll need to use patience and strategy to score against the opponent. The game engine, FOX Engine, although not at its best on PS3, still delivers a fluid and visually appealing spectacle that runs smoothly.


While Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS3 mirrors much of PES 16, it does come with a few tweaks and updates. One notable change is the new “Team Role” feature, which offers more in-depth customization and strategy management, allowing you to create your style of play. Additionally, the game features updated squads, kits, and player stats – reflecting the changes to the football world since its predecessor’s release. However, the game lacks some of the revolutionary features such as “Precise Pass” and “Real Touch,” which are hallmarks of current-gen versions.

Graphics and Sound

Despite running on an older console, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017’s graphics on PS3 are still impressive, with crisp visuals and detailed player models. The stadiums and crowd effects are also realistically rendered, enhancing the gaming experience. The game’s sound effects set the right mood, with the crowd chants, commentary, and player grunts adding to the realism and excitement of the game.

Multiplayer Experience

The ultimate thrill of any football game is playing with your friends. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS3 offers a decent multiplayer experience – you can play local multiplayer games with up to four people or online matches with up to eight players. The game also has smooth match connectivity and no issues with lag, making it an enjoyable experience.


If you’re a classic gamer who loves playing Pro Evolution Soccer on your PS2 or PS3, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS3 is a must-buy. Although the game offers minor updates compared to its predecessor, the familiarity of the gameplay, the updated squads, and the new customization options make it an enjoyable gaming experience. However, if you’re a die-hard fan of the next-gen versions, with its revolutionary features, then this may not be the game for you. Regardless, PES 2017 on PS3 is still a great football game that offers complete entertainment, and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, then this game won’t disappoint.

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