PepsiMan (Metro-Cross Hack)

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October 3, 2023


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Have you ever craved for nostalgia and wished to relive the classic gameplays of your childhood? One of the most famous Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games in history is PepsiMan. A game that’s full of struggle and the thrill of adventure has now been transformed into another exciting game called PepsiMan (Metro-Cross Hack) ROM. This blog is for all those who are looking to experience the joy of PepsiMan with additional perks and hacks.

For the uninitiated, PepsiMan was initially released in Japan’s PlayStation One (PS1) console. While NES was known for classic games such as Mario Bros and Contra, PepsiMan was a unique addition to the console’s game catalog. However, there was only one problem – it was not available for NES gamers. That is when passionate PepsiMan gamers devised the PepsiMan (Metro-Cross Hack) ROM. In this hack, the main character, PepsiMan, runs in a side-scrolling arcade-style game.

This game is about the problem PepsiMan is facing. Pepsi machines have been destroyed in various parts of New York, and PepsiMan must run through the city to deliver Pepsi cans to thirsty people. In this hack, the game includes an exclusive new level called ‘Metro-Cross.’ Players can choose various power-ups that will help them get through the level.

One of the most interesting and exciting features of the PepsiMan (Metro-Cross Hack) ROM is the inclusion of cheats and hacks. Players can access various game modes such as slow-motion mode, super jump, infinite lives, and many more. These cheats will help you get past tricky levels and make the gameplay more enjoyable.

The hack also includes new fonts and sprites that make the game visually exciting. The game’s sound effects have been altered to give it a more arcade-style feel. The overall experience of the game is different and more satisfying when playing with the new hack.

The classic game experience that you loved as a child is now available to play in an upgraded version of the game. PepsiMan (Metro-Cross Hack) ROM is just the game you need if you want to relive your childhood and enjoy some nostalgia. This game offers some exclusive features such as new game modes, new levels, and cheats to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. So, do not hesitate and grab this game right away to experience the new and improved version of PepsiMan.

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