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August 31, 2012


309 MB


Looking for a fun and challenging cooking game to play on your Nintendo 3DS? Remember those old fashioned cooking games you used to play on your PC? If so, then you’re in luck – Place your order! This game ROM has been a fan favorite for years. Put on! ROM is a cooking simulation game that challenges players to cook different meals, manage their restaurant and keep customers happy. Here’s everything you need to know about Order Up! ROM and why it is the perfect game for any gamer who loves cooking simulations!

Style play

Put on! ROM is a cooking simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a chef. Your job is to cook different types of meals, manage the restaurant and satisfy the customers. You will have to master different cooking techniques like grilling, frying and pan frying to be able to cook a perfect meal. You will also have to manage your staff, buy new equipment and upgrade your restaurant to keep up with the competition.

Different restaurant locations

Put on! ROM takes you on a culinary journey around the world. You will have a chance to cook in different restaurant locations like American, Chinese, French, Italian, etc. Each restaurant location has its own set of recipes and challenges. For example, in China, you will have to cook dishes like Kung Pao Chicken, Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Pork.

Funny character

One of the best things about Order Up! ROMs are quirky and fun characters that you will encounter throughout the game. From the good restaurant critic to the demanding customer, each character is unique and adds to the overall fun of the game. You will also have the opportunity to hire and train your own staff, which will add to the replay value of the game.

Multiplayer mode

Put on! ROM also offers a multiplayer mode where you can compete online with other players. The multiplayer mode is fun and adds a new layer of competition and challenge to the game. You can compete with other players in different cooking challenges such as cooking the fastest dish, the most perfect dish or the most complex dish.


Another highlight of Order Up! ROM is its soundtrack. The music is catchy, upbeat and adds to the overall fun of the game. It is perfect for players who are looking for a game that can help them relax and forget their worries for a short time.


In short, Order! ROM is a fun and addictive cooking simulation game that offers hours of gameplay. With challenging cooking mechanics, fun characters, and quirky soundtrack, it’s the perfect game for any gamer who loves cooking simulations. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or just looking for a fun pastime, Place Your Order! ROM is definitely worth checking out! So put on your chef hat, fire up your Nintendo 3DS and start cooking!

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