Oja Majo DoReMi Dokkan! Nijiiro ParaDice

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Sep 28, 2023




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For those who love magical girl anime, the Oja Majo DoReMi Dokkan! Nijiiro ParaDice ROM for Playstation (PSX) is a must-play game. This game was released in Japan in 2002 and is based on the popular anime series Oja Majo DoReMi. It’s an exciting game full of puzzles, battles, and magical powers that everyone will love.

Oja Majo DoReMi Dokkan! Nijiiro ParaDice ROM for Playstation(PSX)

The plot of the game revolves around three girls, DoReMi, Hazuki, and Aiko, who regain their magical powers after losing them. Players will have to guide these girls as they complete different quests, acquire new magical artifacts, and fight against different enemies. The game’s developers, Bandai, ensured that the storyline remains true to the original anime’s plot. This ensures that players enjoy an immersive experience as they play the game.

One of the exciting aspects of this game is the magical powers that players have access to. Each player is equipped with a wand with unique abilities that they can use in battles such as the Never-Ending Tower. Moreover, players can also merge power ridges to gain new spells or upgrade their existing ones. This way, players will have an ultimate advantage over their enemies.

The gameplay style is a mix of fighting and puzzle-solving that’s unique to the game. Players will need to use their intelligence to decipher clues and solve different puzzles. The game’s battles are turn-based, meaning that each player alternates their moves. The game’s difficulty level increases level after level, ensuring that players never get bored or complacent.

Another exciting aspect of the game is its graphics. The Oja Majo DoReMi Dokkan! Nijiiro ParaDice ROM for PlayStation (PSX) is a visually stunning game. The animation is smooth, and the characters are highly detailed, making them appear exactly as in the anime. Moreover, the game’s colors are bright and vibrant, creating a fun and lively atmosphere that’s conducive to a magical girl anime game.


The Oja Majo DoReMi Dokkan! Nijiiro ParaDice ROM for Playstation (PSX) is an exciting game that’s worth playing. The game’s storyline, magical powers, puzzles, and graphics all work together to create a fun, immersive gaming experience. It’s a game that both fans of the anime and those unfamiliar with it will enjoy. Moreover, thanks to the ROM, players can play the game on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device hassle-free. All you need to do is get the ROM online. The game is highly addicting, so play at your own risk. Nonetheless, give it a shot, and you won’t be disappointed.

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