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When it comes to engaging storytelling, few genres can rival visual novels, and Norn9: Var Commons ROM is an excellent example of the medium at its best. Originally released on the PlayStation Vita in 2015, this game appeals to fans of anime, romance, and adventure games alike. Norn9: Var Commons tells the story of three young women, each with unique abilities, as they uncover the mysteries of a mysterious colonization spacecraft. If you’re looking for an exciting game to play on your PlayStation Vita or PC, read on for a full review of Norn9: Var Commons.

Storytelling – The story of Norn9: Var Commons ROM has a strong emphasis on character development and complex relationships. There’s an impressive 9 individual heroes to choose from, each of which is playable at certain points, all with their own stories to discover. During the game, you go through the perspective of all 3 main heroines: Koharu, Kakeru, and Mikoto. From a timid girl who discovers her own strength, to a brave and experienced warrior trying to deal with her own fear, each character has the potential to shine, and the game excels at delivering genuinely emotional and memorable moments.

Gameplay – The gameplay itself is a mix of visual novel elements, including decision-making and dialogue choices that shape each character’s journey, and mystery-solving elements. All of this is complemented by the beautiful artwork, with intense battle scenes, and dreamy landscapes making for an all-round captivating visual experience. The game includes a lot of replayability value since every character has their own story, so you’ll need to play at least nine times to unlock them all.

Soundtrack – One of the most impressive things about Norn9: Var Commons ROM is its soundtrack. The score is a beautiful blend of orchestral and electronic elements that masterfully create an immersive atmosphere. The voice acting is well-executed too, with each character presenting a distinct and unique way of communicating.

Interface and Controls – The interface and controls are straightforward, with the game providing clear and helpful hints that prevent you from getting stuck. Navigation is easy and streamlined, with clear markers to help you advance through the story arc without any confusion. Overall, the game is well-crafted, with an intuitive interface and great gameplay flow.

Norn9: Var Commons ROM is an excellent visual novel that offers rich storytelling and vibrant visuals. Its mix of mystery, romance, and adventure will leave you longing for more and make you want to keep playing. The gameplay is engaging, the characters are complex, and the artwork is gorgeous which makes the game well worth playing. It’s easy to see why this game has continued to remain highly regarded and beloved long after its release. If you’re a fan of visual novels and are looking for something new to play, add Norn9: Var Commons to your collection.

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