If you’re looking for a classic action game to play on your Gameboy Advance, then look no further than the Ninja Five-0 ROM! This is one of the most popular games released for the GBA and can be downloaded directly from our site. Keep reading to find out why you should give this game a try.

What Is Ninja Five-0?

Ninja Five-0 is an action platformer developed by Konami Digital Entertainment and released in 2003. In it, you take control of Joe Osugi, a young ninja who must fight his way through levels filled with enemies in order to rescue his kidnapped sister. You’ll battle your way through four unique worlds and use a number of weapons and special abilities to help Joe reach his goal.

Gameplay Features

The gameplay of Ninja Five-0 is fast-paced and challenging but also very rewarding. You’ll use various weapons like shurikens, bombs, and katanas to dispatch your enemies while navigating obstacles like spikes and traps. You can also upgrade your weapons as you progress through the levels, allowing you to take on even more difficult challenges. Additionally, the game offers two different difficulty settings so that players of all skill levels can enjoy it.

Why Download?

If you’re looking for an exciting action game that will keep you entertained for hours, then look no further than Ninja Five-0! With its fast-paced gameplay, varied weapons, and upgradable abilities, it’s sure to provide plenty of thrills and spills. Plus, with two different difficulty settings it ensures that everyone can get something out of it regardless of their gaming experience or skill level. So if you want an engaging challenge that will test your skills – download the Ninja Five-0 ROM today!


Ninja Five-0 is one of the most beloved games released for the Gameboy Advance system – but why? Well there are plenty of reasons why this game should be considered a must play title including its fast paced gameplay, varied weapons & upgrades options as well as two different difficulty settings which caters to gamers from all skill levels! So don’t wait any longer – download the Ninja Five-O ROM today so you can experience this classic action platformer right away!

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