New Super Mario Bros. U

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Feb 20th, 2023


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Nintendo’s “New Super Mario Bros. U” has become a beloved 2.5D side-scrolling platformer around the world since its initial release in 2012, becoming widely celebrated as the best version of their popular series yet. It boasts remarkable graphics and an exciting new storyline that offers something for everyone –especially with its addition of multiplayer mode which can accommodate up to five players simultaneously! Fans have embraced this game wholeheartedly while critics laud it highly; there is no doubt why “New Super Mario Bros” remains one of Nintendo’s finest creations. Releasing to rave reviews, “New Super Mario Bros. U” mirrors the gameplay from its predecessor, “New Super Mario Bros. Wii”. The primary objective of each level is to reach the end flag without being thwarted by enemies or environmental hazards along the way! Princess Peach has been seized in her castle by an oppressive Bowser and his minions—Koopalings and Bowser Jr.—and subsequently had our heroes, Luigi, Toads and Mario thrown out with a giant mechanical arm. It’s up to them now how they will rescue her! In order to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, Mario and his pals traverse this new land full of danger. Along the way they must battle seven Koopalings each ruling their own turf; as well as face off against other sinister forces such as Kamek, Nabbit, Bowser Jr., and countless Goombas among others. As they make progress defeating these foes, so too does Mario inch closer towards Bowser’s castle which has been transformed into an image of evil by its masterful captor. However when our heroes finally triumph over him in a fierce duel, peace is restored to the kingdom with all returning back to normalcy. As the heroes rejoice in their victory, Bowser Jr. and Koopalings hurl themselves away from the chaotic scene – almost leaving behind King Bowser himself! Fortunately, he manages to jump atop of his airship but unfortunately it’s incapability to withstand all that weight causes a collision. Consequently they are bound to getaway on nothing else than Bowser Jr.’s agile Koopa Clown Car.

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