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may 26, 2023

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Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City ROM legendary status goes beyond basketball and is now engrained in popular culture. It is no surprise that he has graced across many platforms, including video games. Chaos in the Windy City was one such game that featured the basketball titan as the protagonist. Initially released in 1994 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the game has now transcended into ROM and is available to play on various devices like iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. In this blog, we explore how the game has held up and if it still lives up to its name.


Chaos in the Windy City, a 2D platformer game, is set out in Chicago, where player takes control of Jordan to save his teammates who have been kidnapped by an evil horde. The game features Jordan’s signature moves of jumping and dunking, inner-scene power-ups like speed and lethal basketball throws, and enemies that range from ping-pong-ball sized homing missiles to laser equipped robots. The game design is relatively imaginative and adheres to the game’s fantasy concept. It’s not simply fighting and shooting, but more about the use of Jordan’s basketball talents in a variety of challenging settings.


The graphics of Chaos in the Windy City aren’t extraordinary, but what it lacks in graphical flair, it makes up for in detail and charm. The game takes place in a cartoonish environment that fits well with the game’s theme, and the animations are smooth and fluid. Also, the inclusion of a smart visual aid such as a shadow, preparing the player for the next landing, adds to the game’s overall appeal.


The sound effects on Chaos in the Windy City are excellent. From character quips, vocal music that varies depending on where Jordan is in the stage, to distinct enemy noises, everything is well orchestrated and fits the game’s mood. The real highlight of the audio is the background score, which is catchy yet unobtrusive, making it a great accompaniment to the gameplay.


Chaos in the Windy City is a challenging game, just like other 2D platformers of the 90s. The game itself is not unforgiving and has a range of difficulties to choose from, so it’s ultimately up to the player’s preference. For example, the easy mode barely takes any time, while the hard mode will significantly increase playtime. Therefore, players will get to enjoy the game as per their gaming skills.


Chaos in the Windy City is a one-player game that features six levels and an additional bonus level for dedicated players, increasing its replayability. The game has a decent pace, and levels don’t feel too long, ensuring that it’s a game that can be played several times without getting too tiresome.


Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City is a fun, imaginative throwback game that can still hold its own. The gameplay offers diversity and challenges, while the graphics and sound continue to be easy on the eyes and ears. If you’re feeling nostalgic or a fan of Michael Jordan, it’s undoubtedly worth a try. Although it may not be groundbreaking, it’s still an enjoyable game that’s easy to recommend.

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