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Apr 27, 2023


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Michael Jackson undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the music industry. He equally made his mark in the gaming community with Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker released in 1990. The game, which was available on various platforms, including arcade, Genesis, and Sega Master System, was highly praised for its catchy music, smooth gameplay, and memorable characters. However, what stood out was the Sega Master System version, which was met with mixed reviews but had an impressive hidden feature – the moonwalking cheat code that unlocked a secret level. In this post, we will delve into the Moonwalker ROM for Sega Master System, the significance of the moonwalking cheat code, and how to access the game today.

Firstly, let’s back up and talk about the Sega Master System. Released in 1986, it was one of the first consoles with 8-bit processing. It had a global following, and its popularity was undeniable. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker was among the many titles that came out for the console. At that time, it was touted as one of the best releases for the console, mostly because it had Michael Jackson’s name and music attached to it. The game’s plot featured Michael Jackson rescuing kidnapped children, and the gameplay involved throwing hats at enemies, chaining together dance moves, and ultimately defeating Mr. Big, the final boss. However, what made the Sega Master System version unique was the inclusion of a secret level, which led to the discovery of one of the most sought-after cheats of all time – moonwalker.

Michael Jackson’s moonwalk was an iconic move and a signature dance move that was perfect for the game. Fortunately, the developers included it in the game’s programming, but intentionally locked it behind a code. The moonwalking cheat code was discovered just a few years ago, and now, gamers could access the hidden level by finishing the second level either alone or with a friend in co-op mode without losing a life. When the game is finished, a numeric code follows the “Congratulations” screen. If you enter “8989” followed by “1,” you will activate the moonwalking cheat, and you can watch Michael Jackson dance to “Smooth Criminal” while collecting points in the bonus level.

The Moonwalker ROM for Sega Master System has become highly sought-after due to the moonwalking cheat code. However, many people wonder how to access the game today. The truth is that it is quite challenging to get hold of the physical Sega Master System game, let alone the ROM. The easiest way to access the ROM is through emulation. One such emulator is the Kega Fusion emulator, which allows you to play Sega Master System games on your computer. You can also find ROM files at numerous ROM hosting websites, enabling you to download the game for free.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker ROM for Sega Master System is an iconic game that features catchy music, memorable characters, and smooth gameplay. What makes the Sega Master System version unique is the moonwalking cheat, which unlocks a secret level featuring Michael Jackson dancing to “Smooth Criminal.” The discovery of the moonwalking cheat a few years ago made the Moonwalker ROM highly sought-after. Although it is quite challenging to get the physical game console and cartridge, you can access the game today through emulation and ROM files. Relive the magic of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker today by playing the classic game on your PC.

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