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Mar 21, 2023


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Get Ready for Medabots AX Rokusho Ver ROM. on Your GBA!

Are you ready to join the Medabots universe? The Medabots AX: Rokusho Ver. is an exciting and action-packed game that lets players take part in dynamic 3-D battles between the heroic robotic creatures known as “Medabots”. This game was originally released for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) console back in 2003, and now you can experience it firsthand with our downloadable ROM. Read on to learn more about how this thrilling game works!

The Basics of Medabots AX: Rokusho Ver.

Medabots AX: Rokusho Ver. is a turn-based fighting game in which you command your own team of Medabots in battle against opponents. You must use strategy and cunning to outwit your enemies, as each battle has its own unique challenges and rewards. Players will customize their teams by choosing parts from a variety of sources and equipping them onto their Medabot robots before they enter into battle. Additionally, they can also purchase new parts or upgrade existing ones with special items that can be found throughout the game world. As players progress through the story, they will encounter more challenging opponents with tougher strategies and better equipment, making each battle an intense experience full of surprises and danger!

The game also features a free mission mode where players can practice their skills against computer-controlled adversaries or compete against other human players via link cable play or using the Game Boy Advance’s wireless network adapter peripheral. With over 200 different parts to collect, this mode allows players to create truly unique teams of customized Medabots that are sure to give even experienced veterans of the series a run for their money!


If you’re looking for an exciting adventure full of robot battles and customization options, then look no further than Medabots AX: Rokusho Ver.. With its challenging AI opponents, vast array of available parts, and wide range of gameplay modes, this title has something for everyone no matter what kind of player you are. And now you can easily download it onto your GBA with our convenient ROM download option – so don’t wait any longer; start playing today!

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