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Aug 27, 2023

USA, Europe



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Are you looking for an enchanting new game to be a part of? Well, look no further because we bring to you the world of Mana Khemia – Student Alliance ROM. This game can be downloaded and played on Playstation Portable, and the experience will leave you spellbound. Explore a world filled with magic, spells, and potions and live your fantasy.


You start as a student in the Al-Revis Academy, where you are taught to harness your magical skills through various classes. Your goal is to become the greatest alchemist the academy has ever seen. Throughout the game, you will be given various tasks and goals to achieve to move forward in the story. You will have to create magical items, brew potions, and engage in battles to master your skills.

Mana Khemia – Student Alliance ROM is a mixture of two styles, RPG (Role-Playing Game) and simulation. You make choices throughout the game which decide your fate in the storyline. Your decisions affect your relationships with different characters as well. The game gives you the freedom to customize your character, your room, and even your appearance.


One of the most impressive features of Mana Khemia – Student Alliance ROM is its enchanting graphics. The game is set in a magical academy with various sceneries, from lush green lawns to dark dungeons. The characters are designed in a chibi-style (cute anime-style characters), which sets it apart from other RPGs.

The game has an extensive crafting system in which you have to gather various ingredients to make different items. You can create weapons, spells, and potions. The items you create can be traded with the in-game merchants, giving you in-game currency.

The storyline of the game is extensive, and depending on the choices you make, there are different endings. The game has a unique battle system, which involves skill and timing rather than just brute strength. You have to use your skills, such as attack, defense, and magic, strategically to battle your opponents.


Mana Khemia – Student Alliance ROM is a game that will transport you to a magical world, where you will learn spells, brew potions, and make new friends. The game is perfect for anyone who loves RPGs, simulation, or just wants to escape to a magical world. The game is available for download on Playstation Portable, and once downloaded, it will leave you spellbound. So, download the game today and take your first step into the world of alchemy.

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