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12th Jun 2015


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If you’re a gamer who loves both the LEGO game series and the Jurassic Park franchise, then you’re in for a treat. LEGO Jurassic World ROM for the PS Vita combines both franchises into one game, offering players a fun, whimsical take on the iconic dinosaurs from the movies. While some may argue that the PS Vita is an outdated console, there are still plenty of reasons why this game is worth your time and attention. In this blog post, we’ll go over why you should consider giving LEGO Jurassic World a chance on your PS Vita.

A Classic LEGO Game Experience

As with other LEGO games, LEGO Jurassic World ROM offers a classic LEGO experience, with elements of puzzle-solving and platforming mixed with interactive storytelling. Fans of the franchise will appreciate the similar gameplay mechanics but with a Jurassic twist. Gamers can switch between different characters, each with their own unique abilities, to progress through the game’s levels. From jumping over obstacles to digging through dirt, the gameplay is familiar yet refreshing.

A Fun and Whimsical Retelling of the Movies

LEGO Jurassic World ROM follows the plot of all four Jurassic Park movies, from the original to the latest installment. However, it does so with a childlike wonder and humor that is unique to LEGO games. The story is reinterpreted with cute LEGO dinosaurs and quirky animations that will make you smile. It also makes the game more accessible to younger children or those who may find the original films too intense.

A Great Portable Game

While it may not be the newest console on the market, the PS Vita is still a great portable device. With LEGO Jurassic World ROM, you can take your game on the go and play anywhere you like. Whether you’re on a long commute, traveling, or just lounging on your couch, you can enjoy the game’s lighthearted fun and engaging gameplay. Plus, the PS Vita’s compact size and touch screen make it an excellent choice for this type of game.

Plenty of Content and Replayability

LEGO games are known for their replayability, and LEGO Jurassic World ROM is no exception. The game offers plenty of content, with over 20 levels to play through, unlockable characters, and hidden secrets to discover. Completing all of the levels and finding all of the collectibles will take a while, making it a great value proposition. Additionally, the game also features a multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with others and work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Easy to Obtain and Play

The PS Vita may not be as popular as other consoles, but it’s still easy to obtain and play. You can purchase a used console for a relatively low price, and the game itself is available digitally or physically. With simple controls and an intuitive interface, LEGO Jurassic World ROM is a game that anyone can pick up and play, regardless of their skill level.


LEGO Jurassic World ROM on the PS Vita is a must-play for fans of both LEGO games and Jurassic Park. It’s a fun and whimsical retelling of the movies with classic gameplay mechanics and plenty of replayability. Plus, the game is available on a great portable console that is easy to obtain and play. So if you’re looking for a lighthearted and entertaining game to enjoy, make sure to check out LEGO Jurassic World on your PS Vita.

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