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Aug 26, 2023


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LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts ROM – GBA Game – Download ROMs

LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts stands out as an exceptional Game Boy Advance (GBA) title crafted by Silicon Dreams and brought to life by Electronic Arts. The game is a continuation of LEGO Island and LEGO Racers series and comes with amazing graphics and gameplay. If you’re a fan of LEGO games, then you need to try this game. The game is available for download in ROM format and can be played on different platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. In this blog post, we will discuss the LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts ROM and how to download and play it.

Overview of LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts

LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts is a fast-paced racing game that follows the adventures of LEGO Island’s residents. The game is divided into stages, and each stage presents different objectives to complete. You can play as one of the six characters, including Pepper Roni, a pizza delivery guy, and Captain D. Rom, a skilled helicopter pilot. You can perform stunts, race against other players, and explore the game world to unlock new challenges and features.

How to download LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts ROM

Downloading the LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts ROM is easy, but you need to be careful to avoid downloading a virus or malware. One of the best places to download the game is techtoroms. Techtoroms is a website that provides reliable ROMs for different games, including LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts. To download the ROM, go to and search for LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts ROM for GBA. Please click the download button and patiently wait for the download to finish. Once the download is done, you can extract the file using WinRAR or any other extractor and run the game using an emulator.

Emulators for playing the LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts ROM.

To play the LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts ROM, you need an emulator that emulates a GBA console on your device. There are different emulators available, including My Boy! for Android, Visual Boy Advance for Windows and Mac, and GBA4iOS for iOS devices. To use an emulator, download and install the software on your device and load the ROM file into the emulator. You can then start playing the game with the emulator’s interface.

Tips to play LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts

To excel in LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts, you need to master the controls and understand the game objectives. Ensure that you practice regularly and learn new skills to unlock new features. You can also use cheat codes to unlock new characters, vehicles, and features. Some of the cheat codes include, “GINORMOUS,” which unlocks new vehicles, and “IAMPLAYA,” which unlocks all stages in the game.


In conclusion, LEGO Island: Xtreme Stunts is an excellent game that is worth playing. With amazing graphics and gameplay, the game takes you on an adventure with LEGO Island’s residents. You can download the ROM from reliable sites such as techtoroms and play the game using any emulator that emulates GBA consoles. Ensure that you follow the instructions correctly and have fun playing the game.

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