Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

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July 1, 2023



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Fans of the Land of Oz can now enjoy Legends of Oz: Dorothys Return ROM for their Nintendo 3DS. This beloved game will take you on a journey that will test your skills and bring you closer to your favorite characters in the magical world of Oz. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this title is sure to captivate players of all ages.

Legends of Oz: Dorothys Return ROM for Nintendo 3DS – A Fun-Filled Adventure to the Land of Oz

The game kicks off when Dorothy Gale returns to Kansas after her adventures in Oz. But she soon finds herself back in her beloved Oz with her old friends needing her help. The story takes players through various challenges that include rescuing beloved characters such as the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man. Legends of Oz: Dorothys Return ROM is a puzzle-platformer in which you’ll have to solve different puzzles to progress through the game, such as finding keys or flipping switches.

The game is set up like a classic platformer with levels in which you’ll come across various enemies. Those enemies range from the classic Wicked Witch of the West to lesser-known creatures native to Oz. The levels come at a varied pace, with some that are slow and puzzle-driven, and others that are fast-paced and filled with enemies to defeat.

The game’s graphics are stunning, and the 3D effects make the game come to life on your Nintendo 3DS. The environments are detailed and lively, which is just what you would expect in a game centered around a world as colorful and fantastical as Oz. Every character and enemy in the game is designed to resemble the animated characters from the film, and it’s a delight to see them in such a lifelike manner.

Players will also love the sound effects and music, which are one of the game’s highlights. The game’s score comes from Academy Award-nominated composer Toby Chu, and it tells the story of Oz through music. It’s emotive, charming, and perfectly captures the game’s whimsical and magical nature.


Overall, Legends of Oz: Dorothys Return is an absolute must-play for fans of the Land of Oz. It’s a fun and engaging game, perfect for gamers of all ages. The game’s stunning graphics, challenging puzzles, and delightful music make it a game that you won’t be able to put down. With strong nods to the classic film, every fan of the Land of Oz will feel right at home. So, grab your Nintendo 3DS, and get ready to embark on a magical adventure to the Land of Oz.

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