Lady Sia ROM – A Classic GBA RPG

Are you looking for a classic RPG experience on the Gameboy Advance? Look no further than Lady Sia. This action-adventure platformer is sure to bring hours of fun and excitement as you navigate levels and battle your way through the game. Let’s take a look at why Lady Sia is an essential game for GBA owners.

Gameplay & Storyline

In Lady Sia, you play as the titular character, a small girl with big dreams who must set out on an epic quest to save her village from evil forces. Along the way, she encounters many obstacles and enemies that she must defeat in order to progress through the game. The main goal is to find and collect 8 magical stones that will help you restore peace to your village.

The gameplay consists of side-scrolling levels where you can explore, fight enemies, collect items, and use various weapons and abilities. You will be able to upgrade your skills while gaining more experience points as you progress through the game. There are also mini-games scattered throughout which can provide a break from the action-packed main game.

Graphics & Soundtrack

Lady Sia has great graphics for a GBA title with bright colors, detailed sprites, and smooth animation that bring the world of Lady Sia to life. The soundtrack is also quite good with catchy tunes that perfectly match the mood of each level. The sound effects are also excellent and add tension during combat sequences or when exploring dungeons.


Overall, Lady Sia is an excellent classic RPG for GBA owners looking for a unique adventure experience. With its engaging story, exciting gameplay mechanics, great graphics and soundtrack; this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for all types of players. So if you are looking for an old school RPG experience on the Gameboy Advance platform then this is definitely one worth checking out! Download ROMs now so you can start playing!

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