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Sep 15, 2023




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Inspector Gadget remains one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time, who entertained children all over the world in the 80s and 90s. The animated TV series followed the adventures of the titular character Gadget, an inept and bumbling cyborg police inspector, who with his seemingly limitless gadgets, malfunctions, and a little assistance from his niece Penny, fights against the nefarious plans of the mad scientist Dr. Claw and his criminal organization MAD. Now, Inspector Gadget has finally made his way to the world of gaming as Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party ROM for Nintendo Switch. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about this game.

What is Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party ROM?

Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party ROM is a 2D platformer video game inspired by the TV series that allows you to play as Inspector Gadget. It is developed by Mighty Kingdom and published by Outright Games for Nintendo Switch. The game is set in New York City and takes you on a thrilling adventure with Gadget as he battles against Dr. Claw and saves the city from MAD’s evil schemes.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party ROM is designed to be family-friendly and suitable for all age groups. Players control Gadget as he jumps, punches, and uses his gadgets to defeat the endless swarms of MAD agents. The game features 20 levels with various settings, including a park, a museum, and a train station. Besides, there are several mini-games that you can play throughout the journey. These include a matching game, a puzzle game, and an action-packed driving game.

Characters in the Game

The game includes all your favorite characters from the TV series, including Gadget, Penny, Brain, Chief Quimby, and, of course, Dr. Claw. Players not only control Gadget during gameplay but also Penny and Brain in several levels. Each of the characters has unique gadgets that they can use, adding diversity and fun to gameplay.

Reception and Reviews

Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party ROM has received a mixed reception from critics and players. While some praise the game for its fun and family-friendly gameplay, others criticize it for repetitive levels, poor controls, and lack of innovation. Additionally, there have been reports of several bugs and glitches in the game, which have led to frustration for many players.


Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party ROM for Nintendo Switch is a game that every fan of the original TV series should give a try. Its family-friendly nature and fun gameplay make it suitable for all ages, and the inclusion of all the classic characters creates an authentic Inspector Gadget experience. That being said, the game has its fair share of flaws, including repetitive levels and bugs, but it still provides hours of entertainment for anyone who loves the cyborg police inspector. So, grab your Nintendo Switch and join the battle against Dr. Claw and MAD in Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party ROM.

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