Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness

Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness Rom Download







Jun 5, 2022


18.5 MB


Are you looking for a game that is pure fun? Look no further than Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness ROM for Nintendo DS! This fantastic game lets you create and maintain your own island paradise! Plant trees, dig up treasure, play music, make friends with the locals, and explore all that this island has to offer. Download the Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness ROM for Nintendo DS today and get ready to relax and have some wholesome fun on your own personal vacation paradise.

Experience a bright and sunny setting as you choose from different characters to lead on your adventure. With four exciting chapters full of puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover, each day will be filled with more surprises than the last! Plus, new characters move in as the story progresses adding even more elements of surprise. Along the way meet loads of friendly animals and villagers who help you spruce up your island while offering their unique personalities – they can even be romanced! Keep them happy by filling their needs with goodies such as clothes or furniture, sending flowers or taking them out fishing. As activities progress and tasks mount up this will become an addictive experience that only gets sweeter each time you finish something or level-up in gameplay.

The Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness ROM Download also features traditional elements loved by all gamers including shops, crop growing fields (including the popular turnip farm), monster battles with pirates thrown into the mix too – complete quests to get rare items! Partners from farm animals to human characters will join in on daily chores making things easier for players when growing crops or gathering resources like lumber. Plus, start a family by marrying either one of two bachelors or bachelorettes along with accepting job offers for extra money. Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness ROM is hours upon hours of wholesome fun full of life simulation moments sure to keep gamers entertained for days! Get your downloadable copy now from Nintendo DS (NDS) directly from our website – let’s hit it off today!

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