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Feb 16, 2023




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Harvest Moon – Animal Parade ROM is an expansive game from the beloved Harvest Moon franchise. This Nintendo Wii title immerses you in a vibrant world of animals, farming, and story-driven quests that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The game features three distinct environments to explore: the lush Valley Farm, the bustling city of Harmonica Town, and the mysterious Harvest Goddess Lake where magical occurrences take place.

Your goal in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is to restore harmony between the land and animals by restoring the Harvest Sprites’ Tree of Tranquility, which has been damaged by an evil curse. You can do this by helping villagers with tasks such as fishing and harvesting crops while taking care of your own farm or tending to animals. As you progress, more villagers will arrive and join your community, allowing for even more quests and activities to complete.

The game offers an extensive list of fun and challenging mini-games like mining and bug catching that can help bring in extra cash or rare items. There is also a fishing system featuring over 40 varieties of fish to catch with realistic motion controls. You can collect eggs from chickens on the farm or find them hidden around town – hatch them to get chicks or sell them at the local store!

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade features deep RPG elements such as character customization, skills, relationships, marriage candidates, and much more. The wide array of colorful characters will keep you engaged while exploring the world through engaging dialogue and story. Characters can be interacted with to build a strong relationship, which will open up special tasks and events!

The lush 3D landscapes in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade feature vivid graphics making it stand out from other games on the Nintendo Wii platform. Detailed characters, animals, and objects offer a great experience for players. With day/night cycles, seasonal changes, and dynamic weather effects the game captures all the vibrancy of nature.

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