Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ROM PS4

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July 3, 2023


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It has been almost two decades since the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ROM PS4 and yet, this classic game still manages to captivate gamers. The game has recently been re-released as a ROM for PS4, so players can now relive the nostalgia on a modern console. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a closer look at the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ROM PS4 and give you an honest opinion about the gameplay and features.


One of the reasons why Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ROM PS4 was such a hit back in the day was because of its gameplay mechanics, and it still holds up today. The game has an incredible storyline with a great cast of characters. The gameplay is straightforward, and it doesn’t require any complicated moves or combos, making it easy to learn and fun to play. Unlike the recent Grand Theft Auto games, Vice City has a neon-lit Miami beach setting, which adds to the charm of the game.


The graphics of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ROM PS4 have been enhanced, compared to the original version. The images are sharper, and the colors are a bit more vibrant, making the game a bit more aesthetically pleasing. However, since the game’s graphics are quite old, it can be a bit underwhelming, especially for those used to playing the latest games with stunning graphics.


The soundtrack is one of the highlights of this game. The soundtrack includes more than 80 songs that will bring back memories to those who played the game before and delight new players who haven’t experienced the joy of the Vice City soundtrack. From heavy metal to 80s pop, the music in this game is a fantastic mix that keeps the vibe and atmosphere of Vice City alive.


The game has several features that make it a lot of fun such as the ability to drive cool cars and fly helicopters. You can also pursue side missions and do jobs for different characters while exploring the Miami-inspired metropolis. Additionally, you have an extensive arsenal of weapons, with guns of all shapes and sizes, including flamethrowers and rocket launchers. One new feature of the game is the ability to use the touchpad on the PS4 controller to bring up the mission log and make it easier to navigate through missions.


Playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ROM PS4 is worth your time and money if you’re looking to delve into the world of an older and yet still entertaining game. The nostalgia and classic feel of the game are enough to bring back memories and excite new players. From the riveting storyline to the classic soundtrack and fun gameplay, Vice City has everything that you could want from a classic game. If you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise or open-world games in general, we highly recommend giving it a try, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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