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January 6, 2024


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Do you remember the classic 80s movie The Goonies? Well, did you know that there is an NES game based on the movie? Goonies, The (PC10) ROM, also known as The Goonies II, is a classic game that brings back that nostalgia of the 80s.

If you’re a fan of retro gaming, you would definitely love exploring the traditional charm of Goonies, The (PC10) ROM. Let’s discover this game and see why it’s still popular to this day!

The Storyline

The game’s storyline is straightforward. You play the character of Mikey, the protagonist of the movie, who sets out on a mission to save his friends from the Fratelli family. You will travel across various locations and solve puzzles to rescue your imprisoned pals. As you progress through the game, you will meet familiar characters from the movie like Data, Chunk, and Sloth.

The Gameplay

Goonies, The (PC10) ROM is an action-adventure game that leads you through mazes filled with enemies and obstacles. The game also provides unique tools such as the ‘Bone organ’ which is used to unlock secret doors and the ‘Slick Shoes’ which allow you to slide through narrow passages. It’s easy to control the character’s movements on the screen, and the background music is delightful to listen to as you tackle each stage.

The Creative Puzzles

The puzzles in Goonies, The (PC10) ROM are cleverly designed to challenge the player’s thinking. For example, the ‘Lighthouse Puzzle’ requires you to locate a secret passage disguised as a wall by aiming a flashing light in the correct direction. Another puzzle requires you to use a code wheel to decipher a message. Each puzzle is different, and that’s what makes the game engaging and fun.

The Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound in Goonies, The (PC10) ROM is what makes the game stand out from other games of the same era. The game’s designers made sure that the game had detailed and vibrant graphics that were pleasing to the eye. The music is memorable and catchy, and they also add unique sound effects that are sure to bring back some nostalgic memories.

The Fanbase

Goonies, The (PC10) ROM has a massive fan base to this day due to its classic charm and gameplay. Fans reminisce about their childhood memories of playing this game and how it made them feel. The game has its fan-made versions, including a translated Japanese version called The Goonies II: ‘Famicom Mini Vol. 5’ and an Xbox Live Arcade version with enhanced graphics and sound.

Fans of the Goonies movie or retro gaming will enjoy playing Goonies, The (PC10) ROM. The game’s storyline, gameplay, creative puzzles, graphics, and sound make it one of the essential classic games in the NES library. It’s remarkable how this game is still a favorite among gamers worldwide, decades after its release. If you’re looking for a game that captures the essence of old-school charm, Goonies, The (PC10) ROM is the game for you!

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