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Dec 28, 2023




If you are a gamer who loves first-person shooter games, then you must have heard of Firewall: Zero Hour ROM PS4, the newest game from First Contact Entertainment. This game, which was launched in August 2018, is an exclusive multiplayer game for PS4, set in a virtual world where players from around the world can fight against each other to accomplish different missions. Our team played the game for several weeks, and this is our in-depth Firewall: Zero Hour review.


Firewall: Zero Hour ROM PS4 is a tactical first-person shooter game that requires communication and strategic teamwork. Players team up with one another to attack or defend a specific area, and each map has a different objective that needs to be accomplished. The gameplay can be incredibly intense, and any wrong move can cost your team the game. Moreover, the game is VR-compatible and has an impressive level of immersion. The game requires you to move your head to look around in the virtual world, and this can be somewhat exhausting after a while. However, the controller provides a comfortable experience, and you can quickly get used to the movements.

Graphics and Sound

Graphically, Firewall: Zero Hour ROM PS4 looks great. The virtual world and characters are well designed and detailed, and the sound effects create a great atmosphere that pulls you into the game. The game’s music is futuristic and engaging, and it enhances your experience of playing the game. The sound of the gunfire is satisfying, and it sounds realistic, further enhancing your immersive experience during gameplay.

Weapons and Gadgets

The game has an array of weapons and gadgets that you can equip your character with. Players can select primary or secondary weapons, and each one has different stats and recoil. Moreover, you can select various gadgets such as signal jammers, proximity mines, and smoke grenades, among others, which add a tactical dimension to the game. These enhancements give players a variety of options to skillfully cater to different situations during the game.

Multiplayer and Community

Firewall: Zero Hour ROM PS4 was designed to be a multiplayer game, and this makes it enjoyable to play. The game has a fair matchmaking system, and you will find a game relatively quickly. You can team up with friends or random players from around the world and take on different challenges within the game. The PlayStation community for the game is also quite supportive and provides great tips and tricks that help to improve one’s gameplay.

Final Thoughts

After playing Firewall: Zero Hour ROM PS4 for several weeks, we can confidently say that the game is worth the hype. The game is skill-based, and it is exciting to play, especially if you love first-person shooter games. While the game has some minor technical issues, like any others, they are not major and do not diminish the game’s quality. Firewall: Zero Hour offers great graphics, incredible sound, and some fantastic gameplay, making it an excellent addition for your game nights.


Firewall: Zero Hour ROM PS4 is an excellent game for those who love multiplayer first-person shooter games. It has excellent graphics, great sound and offers engaging gameplay. The multiplayer feature allows players to engage with other players from around the world and create great tactical gameplay experiences. As such, we highly recommend it to anyone who loves this genre of video games.

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