Fire Pro Joshi : All Star Dream Slam

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August 3, 2023


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Are you a fan of retro games? Do you like wrestling games? Then this review is just for you. Fire Pro Joshi : All Star Dream Slam ROM is one of the best wrestling games of the Super Nintendo era. It was first released in Japan in 1994 and later in the US and other regions. In this blog post, we will talk about the gameplay, graphics, sound, and overall experience of playing Fire Pro Joshi : All Star Dream Slam. So let’s grab our controllers and dive into the world of classic gaming.


Fire Pro Joshi : All Star Dream Slam is a wrestling game that features female wrestlers known as Joshi Puroresu. The gameplay is very challenging where players must overcome their opponents with clever moves and strategies. The controls are straightforward, and players have to press specific buttons to perform unique moves such as grapples, strikes, and throws. The game is also known for its AI system, which allows for smarter opponents that counter your moves, keeping the gameplay dynamic and unpredictable.


Fire Pro Joshi : All Star Dream Slam has a classic 16-bit pixel art style that looks fantastic. The character designs are unique and creative, and each wrestler has its own unique moves and personas. The game also has a wide range of backgrounds that add variety to the matches. Overall, the graphics are ageless and still hold up to this day, creating a nostalgic experience for players.


The sound in Fire Pro Joshi : All Star Dream Slam is one of the game’s most significant strengths. The music is catchy and upbeat, which fuels the intensity of the matches. The sound effects of the wrestlers hitting each other feel impactful and realistic, and the crowd cheers and chants add to the immersion of the game.

Overall Experience:

Fire Pro Joshi : All-Star Dream Slam is a masterpiece of gaming that has stood the test of time. It’s challenging gameplay and diverse roster of wrestlers keep the game fresh and engaging. The graphics and sound are both top-notch and create a unique retro experience for players. Additionally, the game’s AI system and customizable game modes add to the game’s replayability factor, ensuring that players can enjoy the game for years to come.


In conclusion, Fire Pro Joshi : All Star Dream Slam ROM is a must-try game for all retro gamers and wrestling fans out there. It’s a game that’s aged like fine wine and still offers a challenging and rewarding experience even after all these years. So, if you have the chance, give this wrestling masterpiece a try and relive the classic gaming era.

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