Are you ready to step into the ring and take on the ultimate challenge? If so, Final Fight One ROM is your ticket to an old-school beat ‘em up that’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping. This classic Game Boy Advance Game follows Cody, Guy and Haggar as they battle their way through Metro City’s ruthless criminal gangs. Download the ROM now and prepare yourself for a fight like no other!

How to Play Final Fight One on GBA

Final Fight One is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up where you control one of three characters—Cody Travers, Guy or Mike Haggar—as they make their way through Metro City’s five districts. Along the way they will face off against an array of enemies such as thugs, ninjas and more. You can use punches, kicks, throws and special abilities to defeat them. As you progress through the game, you can also pick up weapons such as pipes and knives which increase your power even further. It’s fast-paced action all the way!

In addition to its exciting gameplay, Final Fight One also boasts impressive visuals. The sprites are detailed and well animated while the stages are filled with interactive objects that help bring this classic game to life. The soundtrack is also great; it’s full of memorable tunes that help create an atmosphere of excitement and tension during each fight.


If you’re looking for an intense beat ’em up experience then look no further than Final Fight One ROM! It’s a classic Game Boy Advance Game that offers hours of pulse-pounding fun for retro gamers everywhere. Downloading the ROM is easy; just follow our instructions above and get ready for a fight like no other! With its exciting gameplay, great graphics and awesome soundtrack there’s something here for everyone—so grab your controller now and get ready for some serious action!

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