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June 7, 2023




Face Racers – Photo Finish ROM is a thrilling racing game that promises to take players on an exciting ride. Developed by Majesco, this game is designed for Nintendo 3DS and offers a unique, heart-pumping experience to the gamers. The game takes the racing genre to a whole new level with its user-friendly mechanics, excellent 3D graphics, and multiplayer mode. Here is a comprehensive review of the game, highlighting why it is a must-have for those who love racing games.

Face Racers – Photo Finish ROM for Nintendo 3DS: A New Dimension in Racing Games

The gameplay of Face Racers – Photo Finish is straightforward and engaging. Players choose their avatars, and then they race on one of the five tracks available in the game. The tracks are unique and have different challenges, such as hurdles, tight turns, and speed boosts. The game offers two modes- single-player and multiplayer, which makes it more exciting. As you race, you earn points that allow you to unlock new tracks, characters, and vehicles.

Let’s talk about the graphics – Face Racers – Photo Finish ROM has well-designed 3D graphics that take full advantage of the capability of the Nintendo 3DS. The tracks are filled with vibrant colors, and the avatars are animated to give a realistic feel. The game has a smooth frame rate and runs seamlessly, ensuring you have a seamless experience.

One of the best features of Face Racers – Photo Finish ROM is its multiplayer mode. You can race against up to three other players via local play or compete with other players online. Multiplayer mode adds flavor to the game and makes it highly addictive. You can customize your vehicle further, racing your buddies in your unique style.

Another great feature of the game is that it allows players to take pictures and use them for avatar customization. In the Nintendo 3DS camera mode, you can capture your face, which the game then applies to your avatar. It is a fun feature, adds a personalized touch, and makes you feel like you are part of the game.


Face Racers – Photo Finish ROM is an excellent addition to any racing game lover’s collection. Its easy control mechanics, polished graphics, diverse tracks and characters, and multiplayer mode sets it apart from other racing games. This game offers an immersive experience that’s thrilling and challenging. Not to mention, the use of your face for avatar customization adds a level of hilarity or uniqueness that will make Face Racers – Photo Finish a blast to play anywhere and anytime. If you love racing games or simply want to try something new, Face Racers – Photo Finish is the perfect game for you!

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