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February 14, 2012


852.71 M


Are you a puzzle game enthusiast looking for something new and challenging? Do you own a PS Vita and want to explore new games on your device? Then look no further than Escape Plan ROM for the PS Vita. This quirky and entertaining game will put your intelligence and problem-solving skills to the test. Let’s dive into what makes this unique game stand out from the crowd.

Escape Plan ROM is a puzzle game set in a monochromatic world. The game follows two visually unique characters – Lil and Laarg and their attempt to escape a bizarre factory. The game is both charming and amusing, with the characters’ animations offering moments of levity to the challenging puzzles.

To progress, you must solve a series of puzzles that move you through each level while avoiding dangerous obstacles, deadly foes and solving mini-games. At its core, Escape Plan ROM is founded in trial and error. Players will have to figure out creative solutions to evade traps and hazards that will test how quickly they can adapt to new situations.

The game’s control system utilizes every aspect of the PS Vita, from the touch screen, motion-sensitive controls, and rear touchpad, providing an immersive gaming experience. Throughout the game’s challenging puzzles, you’ll use each of these features to manipulate the world around the two characters to navigate through the game.

The game’s mechanics are what make it truly unique, and you’ll need to master them to progress. Lil and Laarg can perform various actions, including inflating like a balloon or diving through the floor to evade enemies and navigate the environment. They can also split up to tackle different tasks simultaneously, requiring coordination and precise execution to succeed.

The game’s ingenious puzzles are challenging, with increasing difficulty as players move through each level. Indeed, some of the puzzles’ solutions may require real-life smarts and not just gaming experience. Players will test their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve the game’s mind-bendingly complex puzzles.

Escape Plan ROM is a timeless classic that will keep you engaged for hours on end. It’s a perfect addition to any PS Vita owner’s collection, providing entertainment and challenging puzzles that will put your intelligence to the test. If you want a mind-bending puzzle game that will break the mold, give Escape Plan a try. You won’t regret it.

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