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Jun 2, 2022


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Driver 2: Back on the Streets is a speed racing game released by Reflections Interactive in 2002 for the PlayStation. There were two men chatting at a little bar sale in Chicago when Pink Lenny and a Brazilian guy with a complete-body tattoo walked up. However, two goons broke into the bar and started shooting at the pair of them. The Brazilian man was killed later, but Lenny survived and safely escaped. The Brazilian man’s body was taken to the local police station’s morgue. Tobias Jones and John Tanner, two cops, investigated the corpse. The tattoo of this man, which is a symbol of a criminal organization in Brazil known as Alvaro Vasquez, was discovered by them. This implies that Lenny is connected to this criminal group in some capacity. Two police officers submitted information to their bosses so that they could investigate Lenny’s involvement in recent events in Chicago. 

The following morning, they questioned a witness at the scene of the shooting. This individual informed cops that Lenny had worked for money laundering for Solomon. He’s a terrible criminal who operates in both Chicago and Las Vegas. After breaking away from Caine’s gang and striking several deals with his main rival, Vasquez came into play again. Followed by two cops, one of Vasquez’ henchmen discovered something was stolen from Cuba. Because Lenny is associated with both Caine and Vasquez, they must capture him before his gang loses control. They were unable to prevent Lenny from leaving the city, and he departed on a train for Las Vegas. In order to destroy these criminal organizations, they will have to arrest witnesses and protect them from gangsters in this city. 

In the game, you’ll take control of one of two characters named Tobias Jones or John Tanner in a vehicle that serves as a witness. The purpose of the player will be to drive the car away from other vehicles’ chases. Players can hit these automobiles by colliding into them and knocking them off the road. To advance to the next stage, players must complete all levels in succession until they are caught. Players will ultimate and destroy the criminal organization after successfully completing all of the game’s stages. 

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