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Mar 1, 2024


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Dreamer Series: Horse Trainer – ROM download for NDS

A game that lets you own a virtual horse is Dreamer Series: Horse Trainer for the Nintendo DS. Get the ROM and know how to ride a horse.

Dreamer series is being developed which will have horse riding and training in it. This is for the Nintendo DS as a casual game. It allows players to experience the joys and responsibilities of horse ownership in a virtual environment. The game is aimed at younger players or people not familiar with horses; but still want to enjoy the horses!

Raise Your Virtual Ride

Players start with several unique breeds of digital horses which are available on demand. Selecting these breeds from an Arabian breed of horses, Clydesdale, American Quarter Horse etc gives players an opportunity to pick what they want. Taking care of your virtual equine companion will form your core interest in this video game such as:

Feeding and Grooming: Players need to feed their horses well as well as maintaining cleanliness by grooming them on a regular basis.

Building Bonds: Players can pet, brush, and do other interactive activities with his or her horse thereby influencing its performance behavior.

Cleaning Stables: Maintaining cleanliness which is very important in ensuring good welfare of the horse can be done through use of touch screen where stable cleaning would ensure comfort living.

Engage In Entertaining Training Activities

In Dreamer Series -Horse Trainer Game, there are various types of games involved above caring for horses only. Some mini-games are available that give gamers ways through which they can accomplish;

Develop Basic Horsey Skills: Gamers have access now to teach simple skills like walk, trot, canter using easy touch-screen controls.

Master Jump Courses: Later stages come up with more challenging jumping courses hence test both agility between player’s trainers & their own horses.

Practice Dressage Routines: For those who want something more refined, the game offers an intricate dressage training that lets players go through different moves and patterns that require precision and timing.

Participate in Friendly Shows

After effective training of a horse, players can enter various friendly shows. Here you can see how much the player’s bond has grown with his/her horse as well as win ribbons and trophies. The judging criteria include the horse’s performance, presentation, and the overall harmony between rider and equine companion.

Unlock More Content

When playing this game, there are different tasks that can be finished to get extra content such as;

New Horse Breeds: There are new exciting breeds available as one proceeds in the game each with its own characteristics and look.

Customization Options: Players will be able to spruce up their horses by selecting from saddle, bridle or even putting on blankets among other things which would allow them showcase their styles in addition to being creative.

Mini-Games and Activities: Unlocking some of these mini-games would provide fresh challenges as well as another opportunity for interaction with virtual riding buddies.


If you have always dreamt of owning and taking care of a horse, Dreamer Series: Horse Trainer offers an enchanting and captivating experience just for you. Its intuitive user interface, educational components, and focus on forging a relationship with your virtual horse make the game an enjoyable means of learning about horsemanship irrespective of one’s age.

Get the Dreamer Series: Horse Trainer ROM from techtoroms and get to know what it feels like to be responsible for your own virtual horse.

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