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The era of handheld gaming devices has been a golden age for gamers around the world. One such handheld device that cemented its place in the hearts of gamers across the globe is the Nintendo DS. It provided gamers with an unparalleled gaming experience with its versatile and vast library. One such game that caught the attention of gamers was Drawn To Life – The Next Chapter. It was one of the top choices for gamers, and we’ve got some exciting news for you. You can now download the Drawn To Life – The Next Chapter (US) ROM from techtoroms and have a blast from the past.

Drawn To Life – The Next Chapter is an action-adventure game that was developed by 5th Cell and published by THQ. Released in 2009, it is the sequel to the game Drawn To Life that came out in 2007. The game follows the adventures of a customizable protagonist, who is drawn by the player. The game is set in a fantasy world called Raposa Village, inhabited by a tribe of fox-like people called Raposas. The protagonist is their creator, and he/she is tasked with the mission of saving Raposa Village from the evil shadow creatures that threaten their existence. You can direct your protagonist through this exciting world and experience a unique adventure.

The game involves customizing your own hero using the game’s drawing tool, which is part of the fun of the game. You can make your hero have any appearance you like – from a stickman to a fully developed character that looks like it is from a comic book. You can also customize the hero’s weapons and abilities. With all these customization options, you can make your hero unique and stand out among the rest of the players.

Drawn To Life – The Next Chapter features an exciting and challenging gameplay style. You will have to navigate your way through different levels, battling numerous shadow creatures and completing various missions. The game also includes many minigames, which serve as a great distraction from the main story and are an excellent way to earn rewards.


All in all, Drawn To Life – The Next Chapter is a fun, engaging, and exciting game that gamers would love to play. With the opportunity to customize your own hero, engage in an epic storyline, and experience a vast world filled with challenges, it is no wonder that it remains a fan favorite even years after its initial release. The game is a must-play for anyone who enjoys action-adventure games and is looking for a unique gaming experience. Now, with techtoroms, you can download the Drawn To Life – The Next Chapter (US) ROM and experience this one-of-a-kind game again. Happy gaming!

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