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March 8, 2011


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BioWare’s epic sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II takes players on a ten-year journey through the bustling city of Kirkwall. This fantasy action RPG was released in 2011 and puts you in the shoes of Hawke, a refugee caught up in political intrigue, social unrest and an impending magical conflict.

This comprehensive guide on Dragon Age II provides insight into its addictive gameplay, choices that matter story and unforgettable characters. Whether you are a seasoned Dragon Age veteran or someone who is new to immersive role-playing games, this book will give you the knowledge needed to make it big in Kirkwall.

Gameplay Unleashed: A Look at Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is designed for streamlined yet engaging role-playing. In contrast to its predecessor which had focused on turn-based tactics; Dragon Age II features real-time battles with a pause button for tactical planning. You’ll be able to directly control Hawke dishing out attacks left right center all while casting powerful spells or giving tactical orders to your comrades during combat situations.

Character creation allows you sculpt Hawke’s looks, race (in this episode players can only choose human), and fighting specialization. Each has unique abilities and playstyles such as Swift dual-wielding Duelists or Mage who deals devastating magic damage. You will gain several skills and talents as you progress that further personalize Hawke’s fighting style and approach towards any confrontation.

Explore Areas inside Kirkwall

Kirkwall is all about exploration. You will find yourself moving through crowded marketplaces filled with merchants, dark dungeons teeming with perils as well as vast uncivilized lands that offer quests, secrets and chances to create your own mythos among other things. Your decisions have dynamic consequences throughout the game world influencing relationships between characters as well as shaping the fate of Kirkwall itself while determining how the story unfolds.

The Story so Far: Choices That Matter

Dragon Age II has a unique structure for its tale. Varric Tethras, a cunning rogue and seasoned storyteller, regales a listener with tales about how Hawke eventually became famous. The use of this framing device heightens suspense by providing unreliable narration that leaves you wondering if Varric’s story was true.

The central plotline follows the life of Hawke in his quest from humble origins to become the Champion of Kirkwall. This will involve handling various challenges including corrupt political webs within the city and rising tensions between mages and enforcers (i.e., templars).

The story is highly thematic, examining ambition, loyalty, power and outcomes when choices are hard to make. Hawke’s personality is shaped by your choices throughout narrative which consequently influence the kind of relationships they form only but also determine what happens to Kirkwall at last . Whether or not to side with mages who fight for freedom or templars trying to maintain order are some of such choices having far-reaching impacts hence making more than one playthrough very rewarding.

Companions: The Heartbeat of Hawke’s Journey

Hawke has some unforgettable companions as they venture through Dragon Age II. Each companion comes with their own distinctive personality traits as well as history that may be explored while fighting together. By forming strong bonds with these allies, players can gain powerful skills or take part in personal quests which delve deeper into their backstories.

For instance:

  • Merrill: A Dalish elf mage striving against a hostile city’s erasure of her culture while wrestling with ancient elven magic that is both powerful and dangerous.
  • Varric Tethras: the storyteller mentioned earlier who is also a sharp tongued rogue with a penchant for danger and deep loyalty.
  • Aveline Vallen: A stoic warrior, fiercely loyal to Kirkwall as its knight commander, while being torn between her obligation to the templars and her sympathy for mages.
  • Isabella: A charming pirate captain full of swashbuckling tendencies who wants redemption, fun and maybe even some love (if Hawke chooses).

These companions among others that you will meet along the way are allies in battle; they support us morally and enlighten our path towards our destiny. These links’ strength and their implications are at the centre of Dragon Age II story experience thus they become one of the most important things to remember when talking about your choices in this videogame.


Dragon Age II is an awesome RPG that goes beyond being just a hack and slash button masher. It is about making hard choices, establishing bonds, and determining the ultimate fate of a city. What differentiates its gameplay experience from others is the dynamic world of Kirkwall that responds to your decisions leading to unique storylines in each subsequent playthrough.

You will find everything you need for an exciting combat, involving storytelling filled with meaningful choices, or friendship with unforgettable comrades in Dragon Age II. Hence summon your bravery, chart your own course and shape the history of Kirkwall forever.

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