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October 25, 2011


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Turn into characters from your best Disney movies and enter worlds where Disney magic combines with thrilling adventure! Disney Universe is a classic favorite that is ideal for any Disney lover, regardless of their age or the reasons they desire a carefree and collaborative quest.

What makes Disney universe a timeless treasure

  • Become the Hero (or Villain!): Attire yourself like more than 40 renowned Walt Disney personas which include beloved characters as Stitch and Simba all the way to prankish Captain Hook. Each costume has its own unique characteristics.
  • Explore Beloved Worlds: Among others, travel through “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Monsters’ Inc.”, “Alice in Wonderland” inspired landscapes and much more? Well you love to fight light saber battles in TRON’s world right?
  • Family & Friend Focused: Work together with up to three friends or family members. Team play helps players solve puzzles, reveal surprises hidden within levels, among other things, thwart villains.

Play Disney Universe Today (Emulation Guide)

Though it’s not directly accessible on modern consoles, but you can still use this concept by using emulators. Here are some tips:

  • Mix & Match for Mayhem: Mix up characters and costumes for comic effects plus tactical benefits. You can produce a large snowball as Baymax of “Big Hero 6” did you know?
  • Secrets Galore: Every stage conceals coins; secret paths; whole bonus areas even exist in some levels too therefore always explore everything!
  • Unlock the Unexpected: Get keys that will enable you access stunning attires such as traditional Mickey Mouse or outfits from other favorite franchise films by Walt Disney.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey in Disney Universe?

Disney Universe is an enchanting game that allows fans of The Walt Disney Company to virtually live out their fantasy dreams just as they would like them. It suits casual players who like playing games once in a while, avid fans of everything made by Disney and anyone who likes to cooperate with others while participating in the world full of happiness and amazement. Visit Techtoroms.com now for everything you need to know about making your Disney Universe dream a reality!


Disney Universe is a timeless gem that brings the magic of Disney to life in a whole new way. Whether reliving childhood memories or creating new ones with friends and family, this game is a reminder that with a bit of imagination and teamwork, any adventure is possible.


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