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July 12, 2023


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Do you remember playing those classic Super Nintendo games back in the day? Long ago, they were exciting enough even without the modern touch that games have today. But what if I told you that there is a way to relive and experience those games once again? Introducing the legendary Dekitate High School [Japan] ROM! This game is a treasure trove of classic games and is a perfect, retro experience for those who have a soft spot for the games of old. In this blog, we will explore the wonder that is the Dekitate High School ROM and all it offers.

What is Dekitate High School?

Dekitate High School [Japan] ROM hack that contains over 80 games from the 8 and 16-bit era. The game is a treasure trove of classic games, containing fan favorites such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Contra 3, and Donkey Kong Country. The ROM has been given a “school” theme, with the games placed in different ranges of grades, making it feel like you are progressing through a school year, progressing through games set for different skill levels and difficulty. The game is fully in Japanese, but it won’t take long to understand the basic menus and find your way around, even if you can’t read a single character of Japanese.

How to Play Dekitate High School

In order to play Dekitate High School [Japan] ROM, you need first to download a Super Nintendo emulator for your computer. There are plenty of free ones available, so you won’t have to spend any money to download one. After downloading one, you can then download the Dekitate High School ROM from various websites that host ROM files. After downloading both, you can open the emulator, select the game, and start playing. Be sure to set the language to “Japanese” for a better experience. Just make sure that you own a physical copy of each game included in the ROM, if you don’t, you may be pirating the game and breaking the law.

Gameplay Experience and Features

Playing Dekitate High School offers an excellent experience that transports you back to 1985-95. Dekitate High School supports up to 4 players, just like the original SNES, and the games have been organized in “grades” that correspond with the player’s skill level. The higher the grade, the more challenging the games get. You can also unlock bonus games based on your progress through the “school year.” Dekitate High School is a nostalgic and fun experience that allows you to experience all of your childhood favorite games.


In conclusion, Dekitate High School is a fantastic, nostalgic reminder of all the classic games we used to enjoy. Playing these classic games, via this game, is like taking a trip down memory lane. The game brings backward compatibility into sharp relief, allowing gamers to relive classic games, making the experience even more fun by framing it into the school theme. The game feels fresh and exciting, and with its varied collection of titles, there is something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, download the Dekitate High School ROM, and enjoy all these games again.

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