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Jan 30, 2024


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In a world inundated with zombie-themed movies, TV shows, and video games, it’s a tricky proposition to stand out from the flesh-devouring horde. However, every once in a while, a title shambles onto the scene that reanimates a cherished genre, even if it’s just for a romp. Enter Dead Rising 4 ROM PS4, the latest installment in Capcom’s zombie-slaying series that has captured the imaginations of players worldwide. But what sets this game apart from the teeming pack of undead pop culture?

A Cozy Reunion in Willamette

Dead Rising 4 brings back photojournalist Frank West from the original Dead Rising game. The game is set during the Christmas holidays, which makes for a novel juxtaposition of cheer and carnage. The return of Frank West is a treat for seasoned fans, allowing them to once again step into the loafers of the intrepid photojournalist whose combat photo-based horror stories made him an icon.

The game opens as any good zombie tale would—with an outbreak. This time, the virus resurfaces in Willamette, the same town where Frank first made his name years ago. The familiarity of the locale is a nod to longtime followers, but it’s also accessible to newcomers. The narrative arc is relatively simple, focusing on Frank’s investigations into the genesis of the new outbreak. However, it’s Frank’s wry commentary and survivor interactions that truly bring the story to life — or to undeath, as it were.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Mechanically, Dead Rising 4 ROM PS4 doesn’t deviate too far from its roots. The game retains the series’ staple of crafting, and with the holiday setting, you’ll be bashing in zombie brains with all manner of festive weapons, from candy canes to firecrackers. The sheer variety of weapons and the freedom to let players experiment with combinations is a joy in itself.

A significant shift in gameplay, however, is the removal of the series’ characteristic time limit. This could be polarizing for fans, as the urgency and stakes imposed by the previous time mechanic are part of what defined Dead Rising’s unique challenge level. In its place, the game offers more of an open-world, sandbox approach, which will appeal to players who prefer to take their time and fully explore their surroundings.

Another notable change is the improved exosuit system that temporarily augments Frank’s abilities, turning him into a one-man army. The trade-off is that these moments of overpowered fun are sparse, moments to be savored rather than leaned upon.

Technical Tour

From a technical standpoint, Dead Rising 4 ROM PS4 is an impressive title on the PS4. The game’s engine capably renders large crowds of zombies while providing a relatively glitch-free experience. Environments are detailed and the holiday decor adds a fun twist to the usual apocalyptic scenery.

One downside is that the game engine sometimes struggles to keep up, leading to occasional framerate drops during particularly chaotic moments. However, these issues are minor and don’t detract from the overall experience.

Multiplayer Mayhem

The game features a multiplayer mode called “Capcom Heroes,” which is a fun romp on its own. It allows players to take on the role of various Capcom characters, which is a nostalgic delight, and it fits within the game’s universe surprisingly well.

The dedicated verse mode, ‘Multiplayer,’ offers an opportunity for cooperative play, which can be chaotic but immensely entertaining. It’s a joy to play alongside friends, taking on hordes of zombies and precarious missions together.

Wrap-Up and Score

Dead Rising 4 ROM PS4 serves up a healthy serving of zombie mayhem that succeeds in both honoring its roots and embracing new elements. Although the removal of the time limit may divide fans, the game’s refined mechanics provide an accessible experience for all types of players. The story is serviceable, the technical performance is solid, and there are enough side activities and collectibles to extend the life of the game.

All in all, Dead Rising 4 ROM PS4 is a gory, comedic romp through the undead that will satisfy your craving for zombie-killing action. It’s a game best enjoyed as a holiday treat, much like a particularly silly Christmas movie — with a bowl of festive popcorn and a willingness to suspend your disbelief as you immerse yourself in a world overrun by the living dead.

For those who enjoy lighthearted horror and the thrill of creative weapon use, Dead Rising 4 ROM PS4 is a must-play on the PS4. It earns a solid score for its entertainment value, even if it’s not reinventing the wheel of the zombie genre. Get ready to deck the halls with lots of zombie parts!

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