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August 14, 2012


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Embark on the epic adventure of war with the popular Xbox 360 game, Darksiders II. Dive into a richly detailed open world, teeming with enemies and powerful bosses. As a sequel to the first installment, Darksiders II offers a host of new features, improved gameplay, and a compelling story that keeps gamers engaged till the very end. Here are the top 10 must-know features of this iconic action-adventure RPG.

1. Expansive Open World to Explore

From the dusty deserts of the Forge Lands to the icy plains of the Dead Plains, Darksiders II presents an expansive open world for you to traverse. Climb, jump, and dive into the crevices of a fully realized universe, complete with dungeons, villages, and mysterious hidden areas. The sense of freedom you’ll experience is unparalleled, encouraging exploration every step of the way.

2. Puzzles of Mythical Proportions

Immerse yourself in the intricate puzzles that would make even the most cunning of mythological figures scratch their heads. Darksiders II is not just about combat; it also challenges your intellect with puzzles intricately woven into the fabric of the game. These range from environmental conundrums to platform-based puzzles, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay.

3. A Vast Arsenal of Lethal Weapons

Expand your collection of lethal weapons, each with its own distinct advantages and fighting styles. Your primary scythes are perfect for slashing through multiple foes, while the secondary weapons, such as heavy hammers or fast-moving glaives, can be instrumental in defeating larger enemies. As you progress, you’ll discover and forge new weapons to keep your adversaries at bay.

4. Unleash the Power of Abilities and Skills

As Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, you command a breadth of unique abilities. Use ‘Harbinger Form’ for enhanced strength and resistance or ‘Necromancer Form’ to reanimate those who’ve fallen to fight alongside you. Additionally, a skill tree system allows personalization of your combat style, giving you control over which abilities to develop.

5. Engaging and Deep Storyline

The tale of Darksiders II is a complex and engaging one, woven into the threads of the overall series lore. Embark on Death’s mission to clear his brother’s name and save mankind from oblivion. The story features twists, turns, and well-developed characters, making this more than just a hack-and-slash adventure, but a narrative-driven experience.

6. Enhanced Visuals and Graphics on Xbox 360

Darksiders II takes full advantage of the Xbox 360’s capabilities, with enhanced visual effects and detailed character models. Enjoy the meticulously crafted world, with updated shadow and lighting effects that add depth to the game’s otherwise dark atmosphere. The game truly shines, presenting a grim yet visually captivating universe.

7. Collectibles and Side Quests to Pursue

If you’re one for completionism, Darksiders II has plenty to offer. Collect various items throughout the world, ranging from treasures to pages of the Darksiders’ comic series, that offer insight and lore. Engage with a multitude of side quests as well, which not only extend the game’s longevity but often lead to valuable rewards and experience.

8. Challenging Boss Fights

Prepare to face off against some of the most challenging bosses in the gaming world. Each boss encounter is a set piece, which combines combat skills with the puzzle-solving mechanisms you’ve learned. Only by honing your abilities and learning the boss’s patterns can you hope to emerge victorious, making these fights memorable highlights.

9. Immersive Soundtrack and Audio Design

The game’s immersive environment is further complemented by a haunting and evocative musical score. The soundtrack weaves a tale of its own, enhancing the emotions of the game’s narrative and battles. Additionally, the sound design is detailed, ensuring that every footstep, weapon clash, and roar feels impactful and layered.

10. New Game Plus Mode

For those who savor a challenge, Darksiders II features a New Game Plus mode. After completing the game once, you can start again with all your acquired items, abilities, and experience, but with enemies scaled to match your prowess. This mode offers a tougher experience and a new dimension to the game, for players who just can’t get enough.

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