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September 9, 2023


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Sony’s PlayStation Vita is still considered one of the best handheld consoles in the market, even after its production phase has ended. As a result, it’s not surprising to find games that were released a few years back, still selling like hotcakes in the market. Criminal Girls Invite Only is one such game that has held its own over time. The game is a JRPG that falls into the category of erotic horror. It’s a unique blend of intriguing gameplay mechanics and adult themes that make it one of a kind. In this review, we’ll explore the Criminal Girls Invite Only ROM to see what makes it such a popular game for PlayStation Vita.


If you’re not comfortable with adult content, then this game may not be for you. Criminal Girls Invite Only ROM has an interesting storyline that follows seven convicts who are sent to Hell. They are to be punished for the crimes they committed in their previous lives. Players are tasked with guiding them to redemption through the “reformation” program. It’s interesting to see each inmate’s backstory, which is explored through conversations with them. The characters are well-developed, and their stories are interconnected, making the game all the more engaging.


The gameplay is where Criminal Girls Invite Only ROM shines. It’s a turn-based game where players control their party of inmates, guiding them through various dungeons. The battles occur when players encounter enemies that they must defeat to progress. The game has a unique battle system that puts emphasis on players guiding their party rather than controlling them completely. Players can customize their party, using a variety of skills, attacks, and abilities unique to each inmate.

Graphics and Sound

Criminal Girls Invite Only’s graphics are a mix of 2D and 3D elements, as seen in most RPGs. The game’s visuals are pleasing and reflect the erotic horror themes well. The game’s soundtrack is also excellent, with chilling yet soothing music that enhances the game’s atmosphere.

Replay Value

The game’s replay value lies in its multiple endings and the fact that players can complete the reformation program multiple times with different team combinations and stories. Being able to unlock various endings depending on a player’s choices or actions makes the game all the more exciting to play.


Criminal Girls Invite Only ROM is a unique RPG that is well worth playing if you’re a fan of the horror and JRPG genres. The game’s unique storyline, gameplay mechanics, graphics, and soundtrack make it a standout among other RPGs. It’s a game that you can pick up and play for hours, exploring the different endings and engaging with the well-developed characters. Therefore, playing the Criminal Girls Invite Only ROM for PlayStation Vita games should be a definite addition to your must-play games list.

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