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Jun 2, 2022


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It’s a PlayStation game from 1999 that’s also known as Crash Bandicoot series 4. It’s the fourth installment in the Crash Bandicoot franchise. The plot of the game centers on Crash Bandicoot, Doctor Neo, and other characters who must compete against Nitrous Oxide to save the world. There are fifteen distinct personalities, and one of them is under player control. Dr., Neo Cortex, Tiny Tiger, Pura, Coco Bandicoot, Polar, Dingodile, N. Gin. There’s an Arcade Single-mode in which you can compete in one of the four cups; versus mode allows for up to four players to compete against each other; Battle mode allows for a variety of matchups. The objective is to destroy the alien Nitrous Oxide, who will win the planet if he wins the race. So it’s up to Crash, Cortex, Polar, or any other racers to stop him. 

Game Plot 

Nitrous Oxide, an extra-terrestrial from another planet, claims to be the universe’s fastest motorist. He offers a wager that if humanity’s race wins, he will depart immediately; but if he wins, the planet will be under his domination. The character challenges him in a one-on-one race; after being defeated, he departs but promises to return soon. The player must race against time as he collects all of the time relics. The player must race against time as he collects all of the time relics. He loses and vows to return. The end credits reveal that Nitrous Oxide returns to his home planet and withdraws from society after years of therapy. He gets into a terrible accident while riding a unicycle after years of therapy! 


  1. Variety of courses: There are a variety of tracks, such as frozen ice levels, tubular courses, desert levels, and flying-in-mid-air levels. 
  1. Multiplayer Vs. Mode: It’s also available in four-player mode, which is fantastic. There’s a four-player split-screen kart game where players can compete against one another. 
  1. Characters: They have excellent movement and a genuine personality. Many additional characters are unlocked as the player progresses through the game, and it has a cartoon-style atmosphere that’s fantastic. 

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