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Jun 8, 2024


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If you are an avid gamer on the PS4 console, then you are most likely familiar with Remedy Entertainment’s Control. Control is a supernatural action-adventure game that tells the story of a young woman named Jesse Faden who becomes the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The game’s exciting storyline, paired with its impressive gameplay mechanics, makes it a must-play for all gamers. We will be reviewing the Control ROM for PS4, exploring its features, and why it’s worth considering adding to your game collection.

Improved Graphics

The Control ROM for PS4 promises improved graphics, and it delivers. The game has a higher resolution and the character models are more detailed. The enhanced graphics give players a better view of the game’s stunning environments and locations, immerse you in Jesse Faden’s story, and make the game more realistic.

Fast Loading Times

One of the main issues with the standard Control game was its long loading times. However, the Control ROM for PS4 introduces reduced loading times. As a result, players can jump right into the action without having to wait for long periods. The improved loading speed allows for a better gaming experience and more efficient gameplay.

Better Performance

The Control ROM PS4 runs at a consistent frame rate, making the gameplay smoother. In the standard version of the game, the framerate drops during specific moments in the game which can create a frustrating experience for players. The ROM’s improved performance ensures that players can engage in combat without any lag or interruptions making it a better gaming experience.

Worth The Price

While the Control ROM PS4 isn’t cheap, it’s worth the investment for gamers who enjoy the game. The ROM is a high-quality upgrade that improves the game and its readability. If you are looking for a premium version of the game, then the Control ROM is essential in the list of your gaming collection.


The Control ROM PS4 is compatible with most PS4 consoles. If you already own the standard Control game, you can access the ROM digitally. The ROM can be downloaded on the PlayStation website and can be easily installed on your PS4 console.


The Control ROM PS4 enhances the gaming experience of Control by significantly improving its graphics, loading time, and performance. This upgrade is worth the investment for gamers who enjoy the game, and who plan to spend a lot of their time playing it. If you’re looking for an excellent addition to your gaming collection, the Control ROM is a must-have for any true gamer. The ability to play the game with reduced loading times, improved graphics, and better performance makes for an even more immersive gameplay experience.

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