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August 1, 2023


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The PlayStation Vita may no longer be supported by Sony, but the gaming community still loves this underrated portable console. One of its highlights is the visual novel, Code: Realize: Future Blessings ROM. If you’re into romance and adventure, you’ll love this steampunk-themed tale filled with danger, drama, and unexpected twists. This game will make you fall in love with its unique and engaging storyline, impressive graphics, and loveable characters. In this review, we will delve deeper into what makes Code: Realize – Future Blessings a must-play game.

Engaging Storyline

The game’s story is set in an alternative universe with a steampunk-inspired theme. It features an orphaned girl named Cardia who has a unique poison that causes everything she touches to corrode. With no memory of her past, Cardia is pursued by an evil organization, the British Empire, and the Royal Guard. Her fate changes when she meets a group of men who vow to protect her and unravel the mystery of her past. As the plot unfolds, you’ll witness betrayals, heartbreaks, and unexpected alliances.

Impressive Graphics

Code: Realize: Future Blessings ROM is a real treat for your eyes. It features hand-drawn visuals that showcase the game’s world and characters in stunning detail. From the intricate steampunk designs to the gorgeous character portraits and animations, the game is a visual masterpiece. The backgrounds are also vibrant and immersive, allowing you to feel like you’re part of the adventure.

Loveable Characters

The game’s memorable characters are one of its strong points. Each character is unique, with distinct personalities and backstories. You’ll find yourself attached to Cardia and the gentlemen who accompany her on her journey. From the stoic and chivalrous Abraham, the mysterious and charming Lupin, the curious and intelligent Victor, the gentle and caring Impey, and the loyal and protective Saint-Germain, you’ll fall in love with each character and their individual storylines.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Code: Realize: Future Blessings ROM is a visual novel, which means that the gameplay primarily revolves around making choices that affect the outcome of the story. This dynamic makes the game replayable, as you can choose different routes and endings. Each choice you make affects the storyline and the character’s relationships, leading to branching paths. You can also unlock new content by playing through each route and completing special requirements.


Code: Realize – Future Blessings is an excellent game that’s worth playing even after all these years. It’s an exciting adventure that will capture your heart with its engaging storyline, impressive graphics, and lovable characters. This game showcases what makes the visual novel genre so appealing, providing players with the ability to choose their own path and witness the impact of their decisions. If you’re a fan of romance and steampunk genres, then Code: Realize – Future Blessings is the game for you. So, dust off your PlayStation Vita and embark on a thrilling adventure filled with danger, romance, and unexpected twists.

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