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March 6, 2023

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Cel Damage HD ROM is a vehicular combat game that was released by Finish Line Games in 2018 for the PlayStation Vita. The game is set in the world of Cartoon Network and features characters from various franchises, including Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo. It may not be as popular as some of the other games available on the Vita, but it’s definitely worth your time. Let’s take a closer look at what this game has to offer.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay of Cel Damage HD ROM is fairly straightforward – you choose a character and then compete in various arenas against computer-controlled opponents or up to 3 other players. You have access to an arsenal of weapons that can be used to damage your opponents’ vehicles and ultimately eliminate them from the game. The controls are simple and responsive, making it easy to pick up and play without feeling overwhelmed by complex mechanics.

Visuals & Audio

Cel Damage HD ROM has a vibrant cartoon-like art style that fits perfectly with its source material. The visuals are crisp and detailed, creating an immersive experience when playing on Vita’s smaller display. The audio is also top-notch – it features voice acting from original cast members such as John DiMaggio (Adventure Time) and Tara Strong (Powerpuff Girls). This adds another layer of authenticity to the game and makes it feel like you’re playing an episode of one of these beloved shows.


Cel Damage HD ROM offers both local multiplayer for up to four players via ad hoc mode or online multiplayer for up to eight players via Wi-Fi or Internet connection. This allows you to challenge friends or total strangers alike in a variety of exciting arenas with multiple modes such as deathmatch, capture the flag, etc. It’s a great way to enjoy some lighthearted fun with friends or family members who don’t necessarily share your enthusiasm for gaming.


Cel Damage HD ROM may not be one of the most popular games on the PlayStation Vita, but it is certainly worth checking out if you’re looking for some lighthearted fun or want something new to try out on your handheld console. With its vibrant visuals, stellar voice acting, solid controls, and multiple multiplayer options, there’s plenty here for gamers of all levels to enjoy! Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, Cel Damage HD will provide hours upon hours of entertainment – perfect for any fan of classic Cartoon Network shows!

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