Bubble Bobble: Double Shot

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Jun 30, 2023


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If you’ve been a gamer for a while, you’ve likely heard of the iconic game Bubble Bobble. For those who haven’t, Bubble Bobble is a classic arcade game that has earned a memorable name in gaming history. The game originally released in the year 1986 and quickly gained popularity around the world. Fast forward twenty years or so and the game has been given a new breath of life with the release of Bubble Bobble: Double Shot on Nintendo DS. Developed by Taito and Dreams, this latest addition to the Bubble Bobble series is a refreshing change from the original. In this post, we’ll explore the Bubble Bobble: Double Shot ROM for Nintendo DS and what makes this iteration of the game so unique.


Bubble Bobble: Double Shot stays true to the original game mechanics, with the same classic gameplay that players have grown to love. However, new game modes have been added that make a significant impact on how the game is played. In this updated version, players can choose from three different dragons – Bubblun, Bobblun, and Kululun – each with its unique skill set. The dragons can work together as a team to clear out enemies by firing bubbles at them. Players can also burst bigger bubbles, known as super bubbles, to defeat multiple enemies at once.


Bubble Bobble: Double Shot features a complete overhaul in terms of visuals. The game received a pixel art revamp, with impressive visuals that are sure to take your breath away. Everything from the characters to the levels has been reimagined to bring a whole new level of fun to the game. The color palette, animations, and design have all been improved to offer a fresh take on the Bubble Bobble experience.

Levels and Challenges

Bubble Bobble: Double Shot features over 100 new levels designed for players to conquer. To clear each level, players must defeat waves of enemies using the power of bubbles. Each level has its unique set of challenges, requiring players to utilize various techniques and strategies to beat the game. It should be noted that the difficulty level increases as you progress through the game, so players will need to level up their skills to progress.

Sound Effects and Music

The soundtrack for Bubble Bobble: Double Shot is exciting and engaging. It adds to the overall gameplay experience by creating a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. The sound effects are also everything that players expect to hear when playing a game in this genre. Overall, the game’s audio combines to make an incredibly satisfying accompaniment to the game.


Bubble Bobble: Double Shot is a must-play game for any Bubble Bobble fan. It has everything a player could want in a game – classic gameplay, updated graphics, plenty of levels and challenges, and a fun soundtrack. If you’ve never played Bubble Bobble before, this is an excellent entry point to the series. Bubble Bobble: Double Shot ROM for Nintendo DS offers a fresh take on a classic game and reinvigorates the franchise, making it feel new and exciting once again. Download the ROM, fire up your Nintendo DS, and get ready to enjoy hours of non-stop bubble-bursting fun!

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