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Feb 28, 2024


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In the realm of pixelated, hyper-action escapades, there’s a game that’s become synonymous with unbridled, frenzied fun – Broforce. This title has carved its own niche in the hearts and minds of gamers, particularly those who revel in a nostalgic love for classic action films and retro gaming aesthetics. Now, Broforce ROM PS4 has made its leap onto the PlayStation 4, ready to electrify a new audience with its trademark mayhem. In this detailed review, we’ll take a strategic overview of how this addition to the PS4 library stands out, what makes it unique, and how it compares to other platforms.


Broforce is not your typical side-scrolling platformer. It’s an adrenaline-packed, satire-laden run-and-gun adventure that celebrates action cinema with its roster of action-hero avatars parodying the iconic characters from ’80s and ’90s. With its internet-meme-worthy chaos and destructible, procedurally generated levels, Broforce thrives on unpredictability and an overwhelming sense of firepower freedom. Since its inception, the game has gained a cult following, and the anticipation for its PS4 launch has been tangible, to say the least.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Broforce offers a frenetic experience with its blend of platforming and shooting. Players take control of a ‘bro’ – a hyperbolized representation of action legends – and blast their way through terrains, rescuing POWs and obliterating terrorists. Unlike traditional games, there is no standard character; each ‘bro’ unlocked takes the form of a different action hero and wields a distinct primary and secondary weapon.

The PS4 version introduces localized, refined controls that take advantage of the console’s capabilities, further enhancing player precision and immersion. Signature to Broforce is its dynamic environments that crumble and combust, offering a changing battlefield with every playthrough.

Graphics and Sound

The 16-bit graphic style is an integral part of Broforce’s aesthetic, delivering a charmingly chaotic canvas on which the game’s explosive action unfolds. Despite the intentional pixelation, the visuals are rich with detail, offering a variety of destructible elements that keep the eye engaged and the adrenaline pumping. The art style, though nostalgically tied to the retro age, holds up fluidly and beautifully on modern displays.

Accompanying the kaleidoscopic on-screen events is a rocking soundtrack that pulses with an anthemic quality, adding to the larger-than-life atmosphere. Sound effects are crisp and over-the-top, enhancing the cinematic feel and making every explosion feel significant.

Multiplayer Experience

The PS4 adaptation of Broforce brings the thrill of the game to life with an enhanced multiplayer experience. The co-op mode, which allows players to team up and lay waste to enemy strongholds, is a standout feature, especially when playing locally with friends. The synergy between ‘bros’ in co-op can lead to some of the game’s most memorable and chaotic moments.

For those seeking global support in the havoc-wreaking, the online multiplayer options don’t disappoint. Thrown amid the blast-fest is a community component that makes cooperative gameplay far more than a single-player run-and-gun festivity.

Comparison with Other Platforms

A notable aspect of the PS4 version is how it manages to preserve the soul of Broforce while adapting fluidly to the PlayStation environment. The game seamlessly adopts the console’s control scheme, making for an integration that feels natural to fans new and old. Visually, the PS4 rendition remains faithful to the PC original, presenting all the chaotic glory with console optimization and no apparent loss in detail.

However, where the PS4 truly shines is in its modified local and online multiplayer options, catering to the console’s social gaming culture and providing features that set it apart from its PC and mobile counterparts.

Community Reception

Since its release on PS4, Broforce ROM has been a hit among gamers and the Broforce community. Player feedback has emphasized the joy of experiencing the game on a console, lauding the smooth controls and the enjoyment of local co-op and online multiplayer options. The game’s humor and engaging mechanics have resonated particularly well among casual and hardcore gamers alike, leading to a swell in the Broforce community on the platform.


In the grand scheme of PlayStation gaming, Broforce ROM for the PS4 is a worthy addition. It manages to translate the free-wheeling, explosive fun of the game onto the console, offering a fresh, high-octane experience that captures the essence of the Broforce universe. Whether you’re a seasoned Broforce player or just dipping into the pixelated battlefield, the PS4 version promises a robust gaming experience that stands as a testament to the game’s cultural impact.

With refined controls, enhanced multiplayer options, and the same unrestrained chaos that made the game famous, Broforce ROM on the PS4 is a must-have addition to any gamer’s library. It’s a title that does justice to its legacy and, with the prospect of continued support, is likely to remain a staple recommendation for those seeking couch co-op mayhem or the camaraderie of online play. If action and parody are your cup of tea, then don’t think twice – the time to join the Broforce on PS4 is now.

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