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November 3, 2015



Barbie has always been a part of every little girl’s childhood. It is every girl’s dream to play dress-up with Barbie, accessorize her with endless outfits and make her look pretty. With technology advancements, playing Barbie has become even more exciting and interesting. One of the latest additions to the Barbie world is the Barbie & Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue ROM Nintendo 3DS. This game is not just fun but also teaches good values to players. Keep reading to know more about this game.

The storyline

In the game, Barbie and her sisters are back to their hometown to help out at a puppy rescue. The game is all about finding and taking care of abandoned puppies while navigating through various scenes based on the town’s layout. The game’s objective to rescue the puppies and find them a forever home. The storyline is entertaining and engaging, making it an excellent platform not just for kids but also for adults!


The game can be played in either one or two-player mode. In one-player mode, the player switches between the four sisters- Barbie, Stacie, Skipper, and Chelsea. Each sister has different skills and abilities, making the game more complex and realistic. In two-player mode, two players can collaborate and work together to rescue the puppies. The gameplay is easy to follow, although the story may require some degree of reading comprehension.


The graphics in Barbie & Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue ROM Nintendo 3DS are vibrant and vivid. Each scene is designed beautifully, making the game visually appealing. The graphics are well-defined, which makes it easier for young players to follow the story and navigate through different scenes.

Lessons learned

Although the game is designed for children, players of all ages can take away valuable lessons from it. Barbie and her sisters show kindness and compassion throughout the game towards the puppies in need. The game teaches players the importance of helping animals, taking care of them and inculcating empathy and respect towards animals.


The game is widely available, and you can get it online or from your favorite gaming store. Most stores have a reasonable price, making it an affordable game for kids. The game can be downloaded on a Nintendo 3DS or played on a PC emulator.

Barbie & Her Sisters

Puppy Rescue ROM Nintendo 3DS is a game that promotes positivity and values, making it an excellent tool to teach kids to respect and be kind to animals. The gameplay is engaging and exciting, and the lessons learned from it are valuable. The game’s availability makes it easier for people to access it, and its price makes it affordable. We highly recommend this game to any Barbie fan and encourage people to play it with their kids. This game may just be what you need to bond with your kids while teaching them essential values.

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