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September 20, 2023


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Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom is a popular action-packed video game developed by Koei Tecmo Games. It was released in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is based on the popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are fighting for survival against enormous human-like creatures called Titans. In this blog post, we will explore whether it is worth playing Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom ROM on PlayStation Vita for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac users.


Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom ROM is an intense game that requires players to use quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Players control characters from the anime series, including Eren, Mikasa, and others. They must use a unique grappling hook mechanism to navigate the world quickly. The game can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode, making it enjoyable for both solo and group play.


The graphical quality of Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom ROM on PlayStation Vita is impressive. The game features a cel-shaded art style that perfectly captures the look and feel of the anime series. This translates to the PlayStation Vita version, making it an enjoyable game to look at, even on a smaller screen. The performance is relatively stable, with no significant frame rate drops or glitches.


The game’s controls are intuitive, making it easy to swing around the world with the grappling hook. The button layout for PlayStation Vita is well-suited for the game, with no need for remapping the controls. The game has an in-depth tutorial, allowing new players to get the hang of the controls quickly. Players can also customize the button layout, adding an extra layer of convenience.


The game follows the storyline of the manga’s first season closely. It allows players to experience the events from the anime firsthand, giving them a unique sense of ownership over the events depicted. The game features cutscenes that drive the story forward, making it an engaging experience. The game also includes a series of original missions outside of the main story, adding to the overall value.

Replay Value

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom ROM on PlayStation Vita is enjoyable enough to warrant multiple playthroughs. The game contains multiple difficulty settings, giving players a chance to further challenge themselves. The multiplayer mode also adds to the replay value, allowing players to connect with others and work together to take down Titans. The game also includes a New Game+ feature, allowing players to carry over progress from previous playthroughs.


Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom ROM is an enjoyable game worth playing on PlayStation Vita. The game’s exciting gameplay, impressive graphics, intuitive controls, engaging story, and replay value make it an experience worth investing in for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac users. It is an excellent way to dive deeper into the world of Attack on Titan. Additionally, the game being available on PlayStation Vita means it is a must-play for anyone who loves being on the go. Overall, Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom is a solid addition to any gamer’s library.

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