Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2

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May 3, 2023


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The world of gaming has transformed immensely over the past three decades. However, some classics from the past era have left a profound impact on gaming enthusiasts. One such classic is Atari, and its second volume of greatest hits is still popular among gaming enthusiasts. With the advent of technology, this classic collection is now available in a new format – the Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2 ROM for Nintendo DS (NDS). In this blog, we are going to explore this retro collection and see what makes it the perfect fit for gamers!

Introduction to Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2

Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2 is a 2010 retro gaming collection that includes 50 classic games from Atari’s golden era. This collection was released on the Nintendo DS platform, allowing gamers to play the titles on the go. The ROM for Nintendo DS (NDS) allows the gamers to navigate through the games easily on their portable device. This collection includes legendary titles such as Asteroids, Missile Command, and Centipede.

A Walkthrough of the Classics

One of the best things about Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2 is that it provides a nostalgic journey back in time. Each game has an introduction that provides background information on the title. It also includes the original arcade version along with multiple game modes that cater to different skill levels. Players also have the option to customize controls and remap buttons.

A Perfect Fit for Retro Gaming Enthusiasts

Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2 is the perfect collection for retro gaming enthusiasts. The games are not remastered or updated, providing an authentic gaming experience. The Nintendo DS platform offers gamers the flexibility to play these classics on the go and at their convenience.

Moreover, the collection includes lesser-known titles, which many gamers may not have heard of before. This allows the gamers to explore the rich history of Atari’s golden era and discover new favorites.

Great Value for Money

Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2 has 50 classic games, which means that gamers have plenty of titles to choose from. The ROM for NDS is available at a reasonable price and a significant value for the money. The ROM is also compatible with various emulators, which extends the accessibility of this collection.


In conclusion, Atari Greatest Hits: Volume 2 ROM for Nintendo DS (NDS) is an excellent collection for gamers who want to relive the golden era of gaming. With great titles, customization, and the convenience of the Nintendo DS platform, it’s a perfect fit for playing on the go. It’s also affordable, making it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts on a budget. So, get your hands on the collection and relive the past with these classic titles!

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