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Jun 2, 2023




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Are you tired of being stuck at home and longing for some travel adventure? Well, why not let Hello Kitty and her gang take you on a fun journey around the world? With the Around the World with Hello Kitty & Friends ROM download available for Nintendo 3DS, you can explore various countries and learn about their culture, all while enjoying the company of Hello Kitty and her adorable friends. Let’s dive into this game and see what kind of adventure awaits.

Explore the countries

In this game, you will follow Hello Kitty and her friends, including My Melody, Keroppi, and Badtz-Maru, as they travel to different countries. The game includes ten different locations, each with its scenery, food, and activities. You can walk around the streets of New York, enjoy a beach day in Hawaii, or admire the cherry blossoms in Tokyo. The game accurately captures the essence of each place and will make you feel like you’re genuinely traveling the world from the comfort of your own home.

One of the exciting aspects of this game is that it’s educational and informative. Each location has various mini-games that relate to its culture, history, and landmarks. For example, in Paris, you can bake croissants, decorate macarons, and learn about the Eiffel Tower. In Egypt, you can explore the pyramids, learn about hieroglyphics, and fend off mummies. These mini-games make learning fun and engaging, and you might even pick up some new knowledge about different countries.

Interesting features

The game also includes a dress-up feature where you can customize your characters’ outfits with country-specific costumes. You can dress Hello Kitty in a kimono in Japan, wear a cowboy hat in Texas, or sport a sombrero in Mexico. This feature adds a fun element to the game and lets you get creative with fashion while experiencing different cultures.

Another appealing aspect of this game is the graphics. The colors are bright, and the graphics are high-quality, making the game visually pleasing. Each character is adorable and captivating, making you want to play the game for hours. The game’s soundtrack is also upbeat and catchy, providing a fun and lively atmosphere.


In conclusion, the Hello Kitty and Friends ROM download for Nintendo 3DS is an excellent game that combines fun, education, and cultural exploration. With its ten different locations, mini-games, dress-up feature, and stunning graphics, this game is suitable for all ages and can provide an excellent virtual travel experience. You don’t need a passport or even leave your house to visit different countries. So why not let Hello Kitty and her buddies take you on a vacation right at home?

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