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Get a Job as an Animal Attendant in Animal Paradise: Wild (NDS)

Zoo Games and Empire Interactive developed this amazing game known as Animal Paradise: Wild in 2009. It is a simulation game that is charming and educational for the Nintendo DS handheld console. This game is meant for animal lovers and younger audiences, it allows you to be an animal care taker in a wildlife sanctuary where numerous cute baby animals need attention.

Taking Care of Your Simulated Cubs

Each has different appearances and requirements with 18 varieties of animals in the game. Baby elephants, lion cubs, pandas or zebras are among the young animal species that players can adopt into their homes. After being adopted, these virtual cubs require constant tender care from their new parents for them to have healthy lives which includes:

Feeding and Watering :On the touch screen, press appropriate food and water based on its specific diet.

Cleaning and Grooming :For the well-being of animals, clean environment is important. On the touch screen gamers can wash their virtual companions or brush them to ensure comfortability and hygiene.

Playing and Training :By playing with its host this playfullness helps developing motor skills of pets which create attachement between player and pet families.

Exploring Different Habitats

There are various virtual environments available other than taking care of their cubs. These diverse habitats include African Savannahs loaded with expansive greenery; snowy Arctic tundra; lush jungles alive with all sorts of species among others found throughout the world. Players trek through these ecosystems, receiving interesting information about these regions plus seeing many species carrying out natural activities.

Fun Mini-Games and Activities

Also there are several mini-games integrated into Animal Paradise: Wild that bring more fun to gaming experience. These mini-games support core nurturing ideas by doing such things as:

Food Preparations: Slicing fruits or mixing ingredients for tasty dishes meant for animals are the types of activities players do on these games.

Cleaning and Maintenance: mini-games that imitate washing or scrubbing exercises in order to teach how to be responsible and emphasize importance of pets’ care.

Interactive Playtime: Games such as fetch, ball rolling etc that help in encouraging the cubs playfulness and also support their physical development.

Unlockable Content and Rewards

As they succeed in taking great care of their animals, players move forward. For example:

New Animals Species: In this game, players have a chance to add more species to their collection by unlocking them after which he/she takes good care of them.

Habitat Decorations: Players can earn rewards such as personalizing various animal enclosures when they complete certain tasks or achieve some goals that make them become more interesting places for their cubs both visually and cerebrally.

Customization Options: New costumes accessories for either animal caretakers or any other type of player become unlocked so that one may put a twist on the look while playing the game itself.


Animal Paradise Wild is an educational game with a flavor for all ages especially those who love animals. This includes interactive nurturing mechanics, encounters with different animals, virtual exploration among others mini-games such as;

Food Preparations: Players might take part in chopping fruits using knives mixed ingredients then prepared healthful meals for pet animals.

Cleaning and Maintenance :This involves making sure the enclosures are clean by undertaking cleaning activities in mini-games hence teaching responsibility and promoting responsibility towards animals.
Gameplay Time Activities; these fun-filled minigames stimulate natural instincts like playing catch, rolling balls around amongst other things do foster a little cub’s motor skills development since it grows up.
Unlockable Content and Rewards:

The longer you stay in the game successful friends you acquire enough stuffs that will entertain you during your free time. One of its aspects is;

Additional Animal Species : When the players are able to care for them well, new and more kind of animal species will be unlocked so as to increase menagerie variety thus providing some fresh challenges.

Habitat Decorations: You can earn rewards by completing tasks thus making the game’s visual appearance more interesting where players personalize various animal enclosures.

Customization Options: Players may also unlock new accessories or clothes that can be used to change the appearance of their caretakers as they play games.

To enjoy the fun of taking care of cute little animals, download Animal Paradise: Wild ROM from techtoroms.

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