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Mar 22, 2024


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If you ever wished for a love story that went a step beyond the ordinary, Angelique Duet – Hiku Toshi Monogatari (“Story of the Floating City”) would be a good read. Love blossoming amidst clouds is something one can experience in this beautiful visual novel (as well as drama CD depending on the version) that targets otome-gamers (romance games for girls) and people who love fascinating tales with relatable characters.

A Celestial Canvas: Unveiling the Floating City of Celestia

A city made from dreams is what it looks like; ivory towers stretching towards an azure sky that never ends. This is Celestia, the central part of Angelique Duet – Hiku Toshi Monogatari. In this haven, humans live together with Guardians, celestial beings possessing extraordinary abilities. While Lush gardens cascade down its sides, gentle winds carry whispers of forgotten lore. You are about to get thrilled by her ethereal beauty which makes your love story blossom.

The Story Unfolds: A Choice-Driven Narrative Tailored to Your Destiny

You play as a young woman who has been chosen for an unusual destiny – being crowned as the next Queen of Celestia. Nonetheless, this road is not without its pitfalls before reaching the throne. There are several challenges you must conquer; therefore, through these problems meet different Guardians who have attractive personalities. Whichever option you choose contributes to your final destination and opens up various romantic possibilities between you and your preferred lover Will you find passion in an impassive guardian or laughter and comfort in a mischievous friend? It all depends on what choice you make.

Meet the Guardians: Unveiling Your Celestial Companions

Angelique Duet – Hiku Toshi Monogatari introduces diverse guardians each with their own unique characteristics and captivating pasts.

Here’s an insight into some of them who could be your love interests:

  • Clavis: The enigmatic leader of the Guardians, Clavis carries with him an aura of unassuming strength and unwavering loyalty. Will you see beyond his stoic façade to uncover what lies beneath his mysterious gaze?
  • Jehan: This playful and mischievous Guardian brings a touch of lightheartedness to your journey. Underneath all the playfulness, this character has got a kind heart that is very supportive. Can you fall for his tricks and open up to him?
  • Oscar: The gentle and scholarly Guardian provides comfort while being there for you at all times. His unwavering belief in your potential might blossom into something more profound. Are you going to derive courage from his fidelity?

Beyond Romance: Unveiling the Depths of Angelique Duet

Angelique Duet – Hiku Toshi Monogatari though primarily a romance novel offers more than just heart-pounding moments. The book focuses on issues like accountability, self-realization, and building robust relationships among people. Throughout the journey to becoming Queen, political intrigues are encountered as well as unraveling the mysteries of Celestia’s celestial origin which leads to touching human-guardian relationship. This great depth hidden beneath these so-called simple romance books might just shock you.


In case you are looking for an enchanting romantic story set in unique celestial surroundings with charming characters, Angelique Duet – Hiku Toshi Monogatari is definitely worth exploring.

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