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Sep 6, 2023


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Baseball has always been a popular sport and has translated well into video games over the years. The All-Star Baseball series was an iconic franchise, offering many memorable moments for baseball enthusiasts. Among the best releases from the series is All-Star Baseball 2005, the final release before Acclaim Entertainment went bankrupt. This post will discuss All-Star Baseball 2005 ROM for XBOX and why it is worth playing even after all these years.

All-Star Baseball 2005 offers a range of features that make it appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers. One of the most fun modes is creating a team, where players have the liberty to create their own team and customize it in any way they choose. Apart from creating innovative team names and logos, this mode allows players to create their dream team with their favorite baseball players. Whether you want Derek Jeter and David Ortiz on your team, or you want Randy Johnson and Barry Bonds pitching for you, it’s all possible in this game.

Another great feature of All-Star Baseball 2005 is the inclusion of many North American cities, Puerto Rico, and Mexico City. This mode allows players to take teams on a road trip, playing against other teams in different locations. With this, the game offers a fresh take on the regular league games, breaking the monotony that can come with other classic baseball games.

The All-Star Baseball game series has always had iconic commentators, and the same is true in All-Star Baseball 2005. John Sterling and Michael Kay, New York Yankees play-by-play announcers, provide entertaining commentary throughout the game. They bring their distinctive voices and knowledge to the game, making it all the more immersive and realistic.

One of the best things about the All-Star Baseball series is that the games never feel the same, thanks to the innovative and unique game modes provided. That’s why there is always something new to experience, providing a satisfying gameplay experience every time you play.

All-Star Baseball 2005 ROM for XBOX is undoubtedly a must-play game for baseball enthusiasts. The innovative game modes, the ability to create a team, the inclusion of various North American cities, Puerto Rico, and Mexico City, and iconic announcers John Sterling and Michael Kay make it a game that never gets old. If you’re looking for a classic baseball video game that is worth playing even after all these years, All-Star Baseball 2005 ROM for XBOX is an excellent choice.

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