A Boy and His Blob

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March 9, 2023

1.29 GB

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If you’re looking for a classic game that will transport you back in time, then look no further than the A Boy and His Blob ROM for PlayStation Vita. Developed by WayForward Technologies, this game is an upgrade of the classic 1989 NES title of the same name. It’s a platform puzzle game with beautiful 2D graphics, charming character designs, and engaging gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at what this classic game has to offer gamers today.


In A Boy and His Blob ROM, players take on the role of a young boy as he works together with his blob companion to explore various levels filled with puzzles that they must solve in order to progress. The blob can transform into different shapes depending on what kind of jellybean it eats; each shape provides the boy with a different tool or ability that can be used to solve puzzles or reach new areas. This mechanic adds an interesting twist to the traditional platformer formula, as players must think creatively about how best to use their blob’s abilities to reach their goals.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in A Boy and His Blob ROM are stunningly beautiful; it’s clear that much care was taken when creating this game’s visuals. The 2D sprites are full of life and color, making each level feel vibrant and alive. The soundtrack is also excellent; its whimsical tunes perfectly capture the lighthearted spirit of the game while still offering enough complexity to keep things interesting.


A Boy and His Blob ROM offer plenty of replay value due to its challenging yet rewarding puzzles. Players can also collect coins throughout each level which can be used to unlock bonus content such as concept art or extra levels. There are also numerous hidden items scattered throughout each level which add even more replayability as players search for them all.


A Boy and His Blob ROM is a classic platforming puzzle game that has been beautifully updated for modern gamers on PlayStation Vita systems. With its charming characters, gorgeous visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered, this game is sure to provide hours upon hours of entertainment for old-school gamers who want something new yet familiar at the same time. Whether you’re looking for a fun distraction or an engrossing adventure, A Boy and His Blob ROM certainly won’t disappoint!

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