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Oct 21, 2023


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Are you an avid fan of tactical RPGs? Then buckle up as we introduce you to the Suikoden Tactics ROM PS2. This critically acclaimed game delivers a unique blend of plot twists, character development, and tactical abilities to set it apart from rivals. In this post, we will unleash the magic behind the Suikoden Tactics ROM for PS2 game, exploring every aspect from character selection, magic spells, and battle strategies, to game mechanics. So, grab your controller, and let’s dive into the Suikoden Realm.

Character Selection

The characters in Suikoden Tactics ROM PS2 have predetermined classes that come with unique attributes to suit multiple roles in your squad. For instance, the hero, Kyril, wields a sword and comes with exceptional damage-dealing capabilities. Then there is Andarc, a spellcaster who takes on the support role by healing and buffing your team. To build a strong and balanced team, you need to assemble characters with complementary skills. With a roster of over 20 characters to choose from, you can mix and match classes that best suit your strategy.

Magic Spells

Magic spells are an invaluable asset in Suikoden Tactics ROM PS2. They provide your team with a range of abilities that can be used to devastating effect during battles. The game offers a range of magic spells, each with its unique effects. For instance, the Wind of Sleep spell can incapacitate enemies, while the Fire spell can deal massive damage over a range of areas. Some spells also add a tactical twist to gameplay mechanisms. The Binding spell restricts enemy movements to give you a tactical advantage, while Anti-Magic can negate enemy spells. Magic spells can be enhanced by increasing characters’ magic stats and by equipping them with runes that hold specific magical qualities.

Game Mechanics

Suikoden Tactics ROM PS2 offers an unconventional hybrid battle system, combining turn-based gameplay and movement. Combat is turn-based and uses an action gauge to determine how often a character can move and attack. However, unlike most turn-based tactical games, characters are not confined to a grid layout but can move freely on the environment map within their action range. Terrain conditions affect character movement and combat. Characters are penalized and slowed by the thickness of forests or are hindered by deep water. Terrain also influences projectile attacks. A crossbow shot, for example, moves in a straight line across the battlefield until it hits an obstacle, enemy, or wall.

Battle Strategies

One of the game’s unique features is that it enables you to position characters with strategic advantage. This allows you to execute tactical maneuvers such as surprise attacks, cover attacks, and encirclement. You can use the terrain to ambush enemy characters from behind or use magic spells to debuff their defenses before launching attacks. A lot of characters have the potential to perform combo moves, dealing massive amounts of damage when two or more characters attack the same enemy. Mastering these combo moves can turn the tide of battle in your favor.


In conclusion, Suikoden Tactics ROM PS2 is an epic tactical RPG game with an excellent storyline, gameplay, and character selection. It offers a unique blend of turn-based and movement-based combat systems. The game mechanics are easy to navigate, and mastering character classes, magic spells, and terrain elements is crucial to victory. If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs, this game is a must-have. So, if you haven’t played Suikoden Tactics yet, now’s the time to grab a copy and take on the Suikoden realm.

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