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May 26, 2023


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Released in 1996, Mr. Bones Sega Saturn was a game-changer for the Sega Saturn. Developed by Zono Incorporated and published by Sega, this side-scrolling platformer with a musical twist became a cult favorite. Gamers were drawn to its unique storyline, engaging gameplay, and catchy soundtrack. Let’s take a deep dive into Mr. Bones on the Sega Saturn and see why it remains one of the console’s best offerings.


Mr. Bones’ storyline is unlike anything else on the Sega Saturn. Players take on the role of a lively skeleton named Mr. Bones who has been raised from the dead by a voodoo priestess with evil intentions. Mr. Bones breaks free from his master and sets out to stop her nefarious plot to summon an undead army. As players progress through the game’s levels, they gain insight into Mr. Bones’ past and his motivation to stop the voodoo priestess.


The gameplay in Mr. Bones Sega Saturn centers heavily on music. Mr. Bones is a percussionist, and each level’s enemies and obstacles are set to a different beat. Players must time Mr. Bones’ jumps and attacks to the music, making this game a challenging experience. But once players get the hang of it, they’ll find themselves tapping their toes to the various backbeats. As players progress through the 21 levels, they’ll encounter bonus levels, boss battles, and well-crafted puzzles.

Graphics and Soundtrack

Mr. Bones Sega Saturngraphics are excellent, even by today’s standards. Each level is uniquely designed, and the enemies and obstacles are well-drawn. Plus, the game is vibrant and full of color. But the real star of Mr. Bones is its soundtrack. Featuring an all-star lineup of musicians, including Ronnie Montrose, Tommy Aldridge, and Terry Bozzio, the soundtrack elevates Mr. Bones’ gameplay to new heights. Each level’s music has a different style, keeping the game fresh and exciting.


One of the strengths of Mr. Bones Sega Saturn is its replayability. Each level has multiple paths to take, meaning players can play through the game different ways each time. Plus, the game has several unlockable secrets, including a versus mode where players can battle each other. All this content adds to Mr. Bones’ already impressive playtime.


In conclusion, Mr. Bones Sega Saturn on the Sega Saturn is a game that every gamer should play. Its unique storyline, engaging gameplay, and excellent music make it one of the best games on the console. With 21 levels, multiple paths, and unlockable content, Mr. Bones has replayability that few other games from its era can match. It’s no wonder that it has achieved cult status among gamers. So, why not give Mr. Bones a try? You won’t regret it.

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